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Lois Elaine James Travalena was born in Pottsville, Pa.  As a child she dreamed of being a secretary, her dream came true she became a secretary to 8 soldiers at Fort Belvoir.  After work  the 20-year-old would leave work for open auditions in the musicals and plays produced at the Essayons Playhouse with the GIs in Army Special Services, and she found her voice as a band singer at the Officer and NCO clubs.

A young GI, Fred Travalena caught a glimpse of Lois across the stage and told a fellow soldier, before he had formally even met Lois, “That’s the woman I’m going to marry.”Fred was the remarkable comedian, impressionist, singer, song writer it didn’t take long for them to meet.  They teamed together and soon the two of them were performing their act in the military clubs in Washington and Northern Virginia.  The pair continued to perform after Fred’s stint in the service ended, working in the Pocono’s of PA and the Catskill Mountain Resorts. They married in 1970 Lois made it clear that there was room for only one STAR in the Travalena family.

From that point forward Lois worked as Fred’s promoter, business manager, booker, secretary, travel agent, and traveling companion.  They built Fred’s career together, side by side, and eventually success called them to Los Angeles where Fred’s star continued to rise.  Started a family In 1977 and 1979 son number two,was born. When Fred traveled to entertain, as often as possible, the family went along – New York, Las Vegas, Europe, Ocean Cruises, the four Travalenas were frequently on the move.

Throughout the years, Fred and Lois were passionate about the MIA-POW families and remembrances.  Together they did a USO tour performing for our troops in Sarajevo and Kosovo.  Everyone always said, without Lois, there would be no Fred. Indeed, he was the first to tell you that without Lois, he would have had no career.  They were a team.


On June 28th 2009, Fred left Lois’ side to join the Lord. Fred was sure of where he was going, and had no fears. No surprise, Lois carries on as she always did, promoting Fred.  She continues to distribute Fred’s singing CD’s, and working to find the financial backing to produce the Broadway musical Fred had finished in 2008.  Lois promotes the ‘best’ of Fred Travalena with his Autobiography; a Broadway musical with 26 original songs; all of his patriotic music and love songs.

Best of all, Lois has gone back to the singing she loved and left those many years ago.  Taking lessons, singing constantly, showing up with friends who are playing in a club to sing a few songs for the audience now and then.  She jokes she is available for weddings and Bar Mitzvah’s! For more information go to http://www.fredtravalena.com/

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