Dan Perkins Media Network 2-28-2024

Co-Authors Discuss their new book “Stay Golden, Girls”

Rachel WinterJoin us as we welcome two extraordinary guests, Rachel Winter, an Academy Award-nominated producer renowned for her work on “Dallas Buyers Club,” and Rachel SteinmanRachel Steinman, a dedicated mental health advocate. These remarkable women share a friendship spanning over three decades and are the dynamic duo behind the enlightening new book, “Stay Golden, Girls: Friendship is the New Marriage.”

Our conversation delves into a captivating trend where women embrace communal living arrangements, dubbed “mommunes,” highlighting the evolving landscape of relationships. “Stay Golden, Girls” beautifully encapsulates this zeitgeist, serving as a heartfelt ode to the enduring power of female friendships. Through a blend of poignant essays, vibrant illustrations, and sprinklings of pop culture references and celebrity insights, the book is a delightful read and a perfect gift for various occasions, from birthdays to bridal showers.

Stay Golden, Girls

Rachel Winter’s illustrious career spans across writing, directing, and producing, including her recent collaboration with LeBron James on the Peacock biopic “Shooting Stars.” Her artistic prowess shines through in projects like “Supreme: The Battle for Roe,” an engrossing audio drama exploring the landmark legal case, and her directorial debut “The Space Between,” which garnered acclaim at numerous film festivals. Her marriage to Terence Winter, the celebrated EP of “The Sopranos,” adds another layer to her fascinating narrative.

Rachel Steinman’s journey is equally inspiring, marked by her advocacy work in mental health. Through her podcast, “Dear Family,” she amplifies stories of resilience and recovery, shedding light on the importance of destigmatizing mental health conversations. As a lead presenter for NAMI, she tirelessly educates communities on recognizing warning signs and fostering an environment of empathy and support.

Together, Rachel Winter and Rachel Steinman embody the essence of friendship, resilience, and empowerment, inviting us to embrace the transformative potential of meaningful connections. For those intrigued to learn more about their work, visit their website at stayforevergold.com.

Chet Thompson Discusses Possible Gas Car Bans and the 2024 Elections

Chet Thompson, President, and CEO of AFPM-02Our next esteemed guest is Chet Thompson, President, and CEO of AFPM (American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers), the Association represents the U.S. gasoline, diesel and renewable fuel producers and petrochemical companies that make key components for electric vehicles and batteries. Today we discuss how the federal government is effectively working to ban new gasoline and diesel cars and trucks, and how these policies could become an issue in the 2024 election cycle and what these policies mean for American drivers, manufacturing workers and U.S. national security.

Through President Joe Biden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation, he is advancing two different regulations requiring almost all new passenger cars and trucks to be electric by 2032. If implemented, these policies would effectively ban new gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel vehicles, the types of cars and trucks most Americans depend on and what 92.4% of Americans chose to buy in 2023 (electric vehicles, EVs, accounted for just 7.6% of new car sales). President Biden’s policies would affect all American drivers, including those in rural states with extreme winters, those who commute long distances for work and those who live in multi-unit buildings that don’t have convenient access to vehicle charging. Both the EPA and Department of Transportation are on a deadline to finalize their de facto gas car ban regulations by spring.

Most Americans are unaware of these policies, but when informed and asked whether government should be enacting policies that eliminate gas cars, Americans are strongly opposed. In fact, some of the highest bipartisan opposition to gas car bans can be found in key 2024 battleground states—Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and Montana—states considered “must win” by President Biden and/or key to the balance of the United States Senate. Residents in these states are also considerably “less likely to support” officials who favor gas car ban policies. For more information, please visit www.DontBanOurCars.com.

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