Fairfax Channel 37 May 5, 2020

Our guest is Sir Alan Mooney, discusses how the Pandemic has affected him and his family. How it will affect small businesses and corporations and the stock market. Sir Alan talks about his charities and what he is doing since retiring from money management and investment consulting.  Sir Alan has 30+ years of off-shore experience, asset protection, as well as Founding ownership in eight (8) off-shore corporations.

Sir Alan is unique in his love and passion for helping others to become millionaires and successful. Sir Alan believes in “Ethics for Success”, setting goals, blueprinting, and working a “Living Business Plan”. Sir Alan likes to say, “I Succeed through helping others Succeed”.

Specialties: He has trained numerous stockbrokers and is told he has trained more than 120 different million dollar stock brokers. Building Billionaires, Millionaires, and responsible capitalists people of affluence and influence.

Sir Alan leads people through a process of Self-activation, Dreaming, Visions, and Vision Boarding for inspiration, into strategies in planning, a Living Business Plan, to Blueprints for Actions and then the creation of their life’s desire, and as a life advisor offering advanced guidance & asset preservation ( protection). His advanced knowledge of international business corporations (IBC) securities and estate planning are just a small part of why he is so successful at helping clients create & keep what they create.  For more information go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/sir-alan-mooney

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