Fairfax Channel 37 07-09-2024

Sam Anthony Discusses His Company, [Your] News

Sam Anthony Owner of [Your] NewsToday’s first guest is Sam Anthony, Owner, Writer, and Citizen Journalist at yournews.com. His motto is “Get real news, from real people and Get [your]News published”! On today’s show, he will discuss how he created yournews.com and where the company is today. Have you ever wished that today’s news was something you could feel you trusted again? Your News is the first online social news and advertising platform operating a local edition in every zip code in the U.S. [Your] News now provides local news in every city in the U.S. and is uniquely the future of news.

The wonderful part about yournews.com is that it features everything from local, national, and world news about business events, school events, sporting events, and local cuisine reviews. They have great news for Everyone! It also allows you to be a journalist and send your story for review! Your news is putting the power of the press back in the hands of the people where it belongs! So now, let’s join Sam Anthony to learn more about this exciting venture. For more information, visit yournews.com.

Is Federal Prescription Drug Program Failing to Benefit Patients?

Our second guest today is Dr. Robert Popovian, the Founder of the strategic consulting firm Conquest Advisors. He also serves as Chief Science Policy Officer at the Global Healthy Living Foundation, Senior Healthy Policy Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and Visiting Health Policy Fellow at the Pioneer Institute. Today he will discuss the 340-pricing program. Under the 340B Drug Pricing Program, drug manufacturers provide discounted medications to qualifying hospitals and clinics, expecting they pass those savings along to help vulnerable patients access needed treatments.

Today, the program no longer benefits the patients it was created to serve and instead profits hospitals and others in the healthcare system. Recently, members of Congress introduced the 340B ACCESS Act as a step toward ridding the program of abuse.

Dr. Popovian has published extensively and referenced the impact of biopharmaceuticals and health policies on costs and clinical outcomes in the most prominent medical sources and media publications, including the Clinical Economics and Outcomes Research, The Oncologist, Journal of Vaccines and Vaccinations, Journal of American Pharmacists Association, Health Science Journal, USA Today, Washington Examiner, Managed Healthcare Executive, and The Hill. Dr. Popovian’s 340B research can be found at www.pioneerinstitute.org/340babuse. and www.340breform.org/


Starbuck’s Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants Program

Our third guest is Kelly Goodejohn, VP and Chief Social Impact Officer at Starbucks Coffee Company. Today, she will discuss how local Nonprofits play an important role in addressing community challenges by supporting these organizations at the neighborhood level. Kelley is here with details about the Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants Program and how it is making a difference by helping 2800 local nonprofits.

Kelly Goodejohn leads the community and social impact strategy, including enabling partner engagement, developing social impact stores portfolio, community resilience programs, and responding in times of disaster. With over 25 years of social impact and sustainability experience, Kelly is relentlessly committed to making a difference for all. For more information, visit Stories.Starbucks.com/stories/neighborhood-grants.

Ralph Clermont Launches a Web 3.0 Project

Our final guest is Ralph Clermont, a veteran content creator, Founder, CEO, and Executive Producer. Today he discusses the launching of his newest project, GEOCHIC a decentralized Web 3.0 global platform powered by a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art mobile app that funds outstanding creative projects. The platform leverages a proprietary fund, governed by its community of peers, fans, supporters, and followers, to serve as the lead investor for small to medium-sized projects through NFTs. GEOCHIC launches artistic ventures, such as indie films, documentaries, magazines, and art, funded by a supportive community.  GEOCHIC has pioneered a practical NFT funding solution to impact the media & entertainment industry profoundly.

GEOCHIC is a democratic NFT platform for creators who lack the resources and relationships to secure adequate funding but have great stories to tell in uniquely personal ways; a home for passionate storytellers worldwide who believe that vision, style, and creativity transcend race, gender or ethnicity.” For more information, go to www.geochicglobal.com, or tubitv.com/series/4891/geochic.

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