Fairfax Radio 01-03-2023

Our first guests are Rick Pawlak and his wife, Constance Pawlak. They discuss their business, Pawlak Enterprises, LLC. Rick serves as the CEO and Founder, and his wife Constance is the Co-Founder of Pawlak Enterprises. LLC., which provides executive services, startup research, introduction to investors, sales, and marketing strategy. Pawlak Enterprises helps entrepreneurs take their ideas and brands to market. The company is Headquartered in Sharon Township, Ohio.  Pawlak Enterprises brings a small-town approach to building business relationships across small towns to the largest cities across the country. Rick and Constance believe that relationship selling, marketing, executive services, and bringing business ideas to market are the core strength of their business. For more information, go to: pawlakenterprises.com.


Brother FrederickOur last guest today is an author and ordained Evangelist, Brother Fredrick Ezeji-Okoye. He discusses his book, “Who Prays for the Pastor?” He tells how he had been called to minister to those who minister and about being led by God to create an organization called the Men of Faith Network. Brother Fredrick discusses how he developed his ideas and provides encouragement and advice in his book, Who Prays for the Pastor? Aimed at an audience of both pastors and their parishioners, Brother Ezeji-Okoye offers practical information for both parishioners and pastors on a variety of subjects, all aimed at supporting pastors in their life and work. The book is available from online retailers and selected bookstores. For more information, visit the Liberty Foundation, LLC.



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