Fairfax Radio 1-23-2024

Laurie Elizabeth Murphy Discusses Her New Novel, “Dream Me Home”

Laurie Elizabeth Murphy, author of Dream Me HomeOur first guest is Laurie Elizabeth Murphy, a full-time author of both non-fiction and fiction books. Today, she discusses her newest Novel, “Dream Me Home,” A Story of Betrayal, Infidelity, and Love. Can you remember your first love? Have you ever wished for one more chance to experience those feelings and turn back time? Dream Me Home by Laurie Elizabeth MurphyPeggy Prescott, the main character, lives a seemingly perfect life, but destiny is closing in. What begins as a whodunnit mystery immersed in a love story soon transforms into an adventure where anything is possible. Peggy’s path winds in two directions, but which will she choose? Which would you choose?

Laurie has published many nonfiction books, co-authoring with her late husband to write “In the Best Interest of the Child: A Manual for Divorcing Parents,” “Eight Strategies for Successful Step-Parenting,” and “You Don’t Know Anything: A Manual for Parenting Teenagers.” She has also written and self-published “Satori,” “Wherever the Wind Blows Me,” and “Cellophane Memories.” Additionally, she writes a bi-monthly column for “My Living,” a local magazine. “Dream Me Home,” is her debut fiction novel, it is a psychological thriller drawing from her own career as a therapist. She is currently writing a sequel to “Dream Me Home.” You can watch the book trailer for “Dream Me Home,” by clicking on the video below.


Author and Illustrator Tina Neely, Discusses Her New Book, “Bacon Loves Everyone”

Tina Neely, author of "Bacon Loves Everyone!"My second guest today is Tina Neely, first-time author and Illustrator of her new book, “Bacon, Loves Everyone.” This children’s book features Neely’s real-life 350-pound Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. “"Bacon Loves Everyone!" by author, Tina NeelyBacon Loves Everyone” is a delightful Christian children’s book about Bacon-Bits, a flea market piglet, and his quest for a forever family. Neely, as the author and illustrator, brings a tale that’s a heartwarming blend of faith, love, and belonging. The story came about as Neely wanted a pet pig since she was a little girl growing up in Cincinnati; of course, she still had to persuade her husband, Joe, but she says he was convinced when she said, “The grandchildren will love it.”

Years later, Bacon Bit would inspire a message for children of all ages that God loves them, the most powerful message of faith. Tina didn’t expect to become an author and book illustrator. She worked as a sous-chef when she unexpectedly lost her job due to a Covid-required shutdown. As she sat in her backyard trying to write out a plan of what to do next, Bacon Bit demanded her attention, and soon, she says, the stories about him started coming, “story after story came out of nowhere with the same message: you are loved.” “I genuinely believe this is God-driven, “Neely said, “and I hope you will want to come along and see where the Lord is leading me to serve Him and share in the new incredible opportunity. Bacon Loves Everyone is the first in the series its more than a story it’s a journey that teaches kindness and compassion.  For more information visit her website, tinaneely.com.

Hollylu Jostes Discusses her Book, “Salty: The Deconstruction of a Good Christian”

Hollylu Jostes, author of Salty, The Deconstruction of a Good ChristianHollylu Jostes author, speaker, teacher, speech pathologist, wife, mother, now shares her journey in her new book,Salty: The Deconstruction of a Good Christian.” Through her refreshingly candid story—irreverent, humorous, and heartfelt—Jostes examines her faith through the lens of everyday life. Hollylu Jostes was a good Christian. From the outside, she was everything Proverbs 31 required. But inside her foundation was fundamentally flawed. Salty, The Deconstruction of a Good Christian by Hollylu JostesShe wanted God but not at the cost of everything. Today an author and speaker, she admits there was a time when she wanted to be “in the fold” and saved from damnation without it affecting her decisions on any given day.

Today she will take you on her journey as she examines her faith in relation to her everyday life.   Sharing of her failures and feisty exchanges with God, she hopes to inspire readers to examine their own faith and fully surrender to Jesus. Noting that Jesus calls his followers “salt of the earth,” and recognizing salt as an unstoppable agent of change, Jostes’s book—primarily targeted to women—encourages readers to live as salt of the earth and as an agent of change, fully surrendered and transformed by Jesus.

Her website provides a wealth of detail on the speaking topics she offers, and a glimpse into her personality and honesty. Hollylu Jostes is an author, speaker, teacher, speech pathologist, wife, mother, reforming control freak, and coffee junkie. She has a Master of Science and has worked in the medical field for three decades. With a minor in biblical studies, she has written and taught women’s Bible studies for twenty years. For more information go to her website, Hollyluspeaks.com.

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