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Our guest today is Carolina Ugaz-Morán an award-winning author of a seven-middle-grade book series. Her first book, Aline and the Blue Bottle has won the 2020 NYC Big Book Award under Juvenile Fiction and received the 2020 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorites under Children’s Fiction and 2019/2020 Reader Views Literary Award Honorable Mention under Children’s Teens (Ages 12-16). Carolina builds unique and fascinating universes by drawing on ancient Incan mythology and languages. Her work contains linguistic guides, glossaries, and Tolkien-esque maps to help readers feel like they are a part of Aline’s journey. She combines elements of traditional fantasy with strong female characters and a backdrop uniquely her own. Her work includes magical secrets that readers will delight in finding. Like the best fantasy, an unfamiliar vocabulary adds to the richness while also underscoring the importance of language. In addition to her world-building prowess, Ugaz-Morán gives her books deeper significance by rooting parts of the book in real-life history and Latin American culture.

For more information, visit www.adventuresofaline.com, email her at admin@adventuresofaline.com or IM her on Facebook @adventuresofaline, Twitter, @AlineAdventures, Instagram AdventuresofAline.

Our second guest is Dr. Scott Stienecker, medical director for infection prevention, epidemiology, and stewardship in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who will discuss ways to stay healthy as the pandemic continues, especially during the winter months. He can also address myths and misinformation about vaccines and any other COVID-19-related topic. Dr. Stienecker is the Medical Director of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention for Parkview Health System, supervising a department of 25 overseeing 1065 beds, 10 hospital systems, and 2 affiliated hospitals. Additional responsibilities include antimicrobial stewardship, clinical research, externalizing infection prevention, project management, quality improvement, healthcare informatics, predictive analytics, and Epic BUGSY development. Dr. Stienecker teaches for the Fort Wayne Medical Education residency program, and the Indiana University School of Medicine-Fort Wayne and serves on advisory committees for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health, and on the Antimicrobial Stewardship subcommittee and External Technology Advisory Committee for the Indiana State Department of Health, among others. For more information please visit: https://www.vaccines.gov/

Dr. Lee LindquistOur last guest is Dr. Lee Lindquist, Chief of Geriatrics at Northwestern Medicine as well as Director of Geriatrics Services for the Northwestern Medicine Health System. She will talk about the signs of normal aging and when we should be concerned about our loved one’s mental state.  She can also give tips on how to have a positive impact on seniors who are at a higher risk of being socially isolated. She is a published author, educator, and national expert in the care of older adults. She has been featured in over 200 media venues including New York Times, Chicago Tribune, AARP, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Kaiser Health News, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Dr. Lindquist grew up helping her grandparents. “We faced difficult decisions on what to do as their health worsened. Experiencing it first hand and repeatedly with my patients, I believed that there had to be a better way.” She is the principal investigator on the PCORI funded project, PlanYourLifespan.org, a comprehensive website developed to help older adults plan for their medical needs in their “fourth quarter” of life. For more information, please visit www.nm.org/radio

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