Fairfax Radio 1/26/2021 Tues at 8:00AM ET

Our guest today is Lawrence Allen, Founder of Singapore Academy USA. Today we are discussing his new Online School, why he founded it, what differentiates his school from what other schools offer their students. Lawrence is an author of numerous books, an International Speaker, Mentor, and successful Entrepreneur. Lawrence spent twenty-two years in the Far East bringing products and services to Asia.

Singapore Academy the USA is a Plano Texas headquartered company that puts excellence in the education of America’s children first, above all else. Through collaboration with Mr. Allen’s partners in Singapore, they proudly provide daily live homeschool instruction and weekend and after-school enrichment courses from experienced teachers who are graduates of the Singapore Ministry of Education training. Mr. Allen believes your child or children will benefit from the discipline and successful teaching and learning methodologies that have made Singapore students #1 in academic performance worldwide. For more information on his programs and to register for classes starting on January 23, 2021, visit www.singaporeacademyusa.com.

Our second guest is Vance Shepperson, Author of Jesus’ Silent Years, Volume 1. He will discuss  the first book in the series, is one of four in the series. Foundations is the first in the series that just came out in January. his series of four books entitled Jesus’ Silent Years, is a historical fiction viewed through the eyes of an American psychologist. Embedded in these stories is a training manual for how to live a wise life, regardless of your faith or lack of it. The book has only one focus the wisest, sanest, and most beautiful person who has ever lived. Sacred writings tell very little of Jesus’ life. T

Vance is a 3rd generation Presbyterian preacher’s son.  He attended schools in England, Switzerland, Illinois, and Florida.  He earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1977 and worked as an Air Force psychologist, assistant professor at a doctoral program in California, and ran a psychotherapy practice with his wife. Bethyl Joy and Vance served as missionaries in southwest China for five years, teaching counseling skills for another California university’s overseas graduate program.  They have also lived in the Lake District of the UK, New Zealand’s south island; and now, the Big Island of Hawaii, where they still practice psychotherapy… but mainly write stuff. For more information go to: https://vanceshepperson.com/