Fairfax Radio 1-31-2023 Drivetime

Ishi NobuOur first guest is Ishi Nobu, a brilliant independent scholar, author, and guru who conveys his deep comprehension of Nature and reality. Today he will discuss his latest book, The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence.  With its documentary tone and keen insight into the psychological and sociological currents that have culminated in humanity’s current state, “The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence delves into the roots and vector of history. Ishi Nobu skillfully explains how humanity got to where it is today and where it is headed. He aims not at worldwide change (an impossibility) but sees “The Story” as a journey of realization. “The most you can do is enlighten yourself and see things as they are,” whispers Nobu, “not as you wish them to be.” His previous books: The Red Pill: Mastering The Matrix; Clarity: The Path Inside; Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence; and the 8-book Spokes of the Wheel cycle: The Science of Existence, The Web of Life, The Elements of Evolution, The Ecology of Humans, The Echoes of The Mind, The Fruits of Civilization, The Pathos of Politics, and The Hub of Being. Nobu is renowned for a deliberate, incisive scholarship. He has the rare talent of drawing insights from multiple disciplines and weaving them into a revealing consilience. Follow Nobu on Twitter @ishinobu_actual. For more on “The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence,” visit the author’s website, IshiNobu.com. The book is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

Nicholas LonganoOur second guest is Nicholas Longano, Founder and CEO of Scuti, the Gamers’ Marketplace and the world’s first g-Commerce platform. Mr. Logano will discuss his company, Scuti, partnering with Peach Maria Productions, the creators of the upcoming series GameMaster. Hosted by Wil Wheaton, GameMaster will engage fans with Scuti interoperable rewards that can be used to purchase digital items in games featured on the show and any game connected to the Scuti platform. The GameMaster is the first unscripted competition show of its kind. Twelve gamers will compete in more than two dozen games across multiple genres and gaming systems. More than 50,000 streamers and social media influencers follow along, share exclusive content, and engage their followers in quests and contests. The live finale (Episode 10) promises to be a spectacular event. Not only will the season one GameMaster take home a $1M cash prize and a major contract with a top talent agency, but fans will unlock even more Scuti rewards.

Scuti’s engagement extends beyond the episodes and into daily rewards for the audience. Scuti$ rewards can be used to purchase in-game items, licensed GameMaster products, and hundreds of other products in Scuti’s g-Commerce marketplace, accessible through an extensive network of participating games. “The GameMaster team is creating the next cultural phenomenon to appeal to an enormous global gaming audience.” said Nicholas Longano, Scuti Founder & CEO, “Scuti is excited to offer audiences the world over with Scuti$ rewards to fuel their game experience. GameMaster engages audiences with exciting content and rewards their game experiences using our interoperable system. We will carry all GameMaster licensed products, which will be available for players to purchase directly from their game lobby through the Scuti marketplace. The GameMaster is creating a connected ecosystem through Streaming, influencers, and through Scuti, benefiting audiences, players, game makers, and brands alike. This is indeed a game-changer.To join the GameMaster and Scuti fandom network, go to GameMaster.TV or Scuti Rewards it’s free and rewarding.

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