Fairfax Radio 1/5/2021 8:00 AM ET

Our first guest is Dr. Scott Magill, Founder and Executive Director of Veterans in Defense of Liberty.  Dr. Scott will discuss why upholding the Constitution is so important today, also he will go over the Bill of Rights, and the Election and why January 6th is so important.  Americans are asking about Election Fraud and what they can do as citizens to save our Republic.

Veterans in Defense of Liberty® is a national advocacy group of veterans dedicated to restoring and sustaining the original moral and constitutional principles of our Republic. Members of Veterans in Defense of Liberty continue to serve with the same passion and dedication to our country as we did in combat.   

He is board chairman of Veterans in Defense of Liberty Action Committee TM, past president of Missouri Republican Assembly. He is the recipient of the Missouri Republican Party – Milton Friedman Award, and the Daughters of the American Revolution “Distinguished Citizen Medal Award.” Dr. Magill is the past chairman of the board and governmental affairs officer of Rolling Thunder ® Inc. Chapter 1 Missouri. He now serves as a member of, The Council for National Policy, and the Ft. Worth Airpower Council. Dr. Magill served in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army Medical Corps. For more information go to https://vidolamerica.org/


Our second guest is JoAnn Glass Vicknair, Author, today she will discuss her new book  “It’s Storytime, Memaw!. JoAnn is  an ordinary grandmother of ten grandchildren. Years ago, she made the decision to take God at His word and began regularly praying with intensity and strong conviction. JoAnn had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with two of her grandchildren. She found herself unable to tell them a decent story when they asked for one.

JoAnn asked God to give her stories that have a good moral foundation; God answered. That prayer quickly evolved into; give me stories of You. They need you in their life. Help them know You and draw closer to You. God answered her prayer. For more information check out her website at www.JoAnnVicknairAuthor.com

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