Fairfax Radio 10-04-2022

Shane CrabtreeOur first guest today is Shane Crabtree, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Carpenter Son Publishing, part of Christian book Services. He discusses the Christian Book Services company. Mr. Crabtree has a strong background in project management.  He received his BS in Physics from Wright State University and an MS in Biostatistics from Middle Tennessee State University.  He is also a graduate of Naval Nuclear Power School.  Mr. Crabtree has worked in project management, management, and IT for several pharmaceutical and software companies. Crabtree began working with Christian Book Services in 2018.  He has coordinated all product setup, data dissemination, and sales reporting and worked on book production.  Through his efforts, the company has launched a significant effort to create audiobooks.  He has used his technological expertise to streamline and upgrade the company’s reporting and project tracking systems. For more information go to For more details on the company, go to the company’s website at www.christianbookservices.com.



Our second set of guests are Redemption-Press authors Marta-GreenmanMarta Greenman and Maureen Maldonado they discuss their new book, “God is Calling You to be Fearless and to Fear Less.” The world is filled with plenty of opportunities to be fearful. Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space. As believers in Jesus Christ, we must be overcomers and walk by faith.

Marta Greenman is a global missionary, Bible teacher, speaker, and expositor of God’s Word who left the corporate world to become part of a church-planting team. The founder of Words of Grace & Truth, she is the author of four books and co-hosts with Maureen Moldonado of Under God on GraceAndTruthRadio. She lives in the Dallas–Fort Worth area with her husband of almost thirty years. 

Maureen Moldonado has a master’s degree in education from California StateMaureen Maldonado University and spent her career as a teacher, vice principal, and principal in elementary education. After being involved in Bible studies in California, Arizona, and Texas, Maureen became co-host of the radio show Under God on GraceAndTruthRadio. Maureen and her husband reside in Texas near much of their family.  She was fortunate to be involved in Bible Studies in California, Arizona, and Texas and has grown exponentially in her faith for and love of God and His word. To purchase their book, go to Amazon.com.


Our third guest is Dr. Rajeev Jain, a leading Gastroenterologist. He discusses how to identify symptoms impacting your bowel health and how to talk about how to start the conversation with your Doctor. According to a recent American Gastroenterological Association survey, nearly 40% of Americans suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms that impact their everyday lives. Yet, many patients suffer in silence by not telling their providers about uncomfortable bowel symptoms. 1 in 5 Americans would rather discuss their weight than talk about bowel issues with their provider – an alarming trend as GI conditions are often treatable and can worsen over time. The doctor shares tips on having uncomfortable conversations with your doctor and why they’re so important to your overall health. Dr. Rajeev will also discuss new resources from the leading voice in GI health, the American Gastroenterological Association, to help patients recognize the signs and symptoms of common GI disorders.  Start the conversation GI symptoms are common and happen to most people. Don’t be afraid to speak up.


Matt BlashawOur fourth guest today is Matt Blashaw, a residential contractor, licensed real estate agent, and TV host.  Matt discusses what every consumer should consider as the weather is getting colder now that fall is here and winter is coming.  Matt Blashaw moved from L.A. to Kansas City to trade the bustling city for a slower lifestyle to raise his family. Blashaw has earned the distinct privilege of being named in the country’s top 1% of real estate agents, surpassing $100M in sales, and has a new show on HGTV called “Build it Forward.” For more information, visit:  www.PROPANE.com



Aaron SherinianOur last guest is Aaron Sherinian, Senior Vice President of Global Reach for Deseret Management Corporation (DMC). He discusses the largest Global Faith and Media Study that looks at the media’s portrayal of faith and religion. It reveals a strong demand worldwide for more news media coverage on faith, despite the reality that journalists and editors admit coverage of the topics is rarely encouraged in newsrooms. The study reflects the feeling among the general population that media coverage can perpetuate faith-related stereotypes rather than protect against them. It also lays out some factors that journalists and editors think can lead to religious and faith stereotypes in news coverage.

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