Fairfax Radio 10-11-2022

Mike PoppOur first guest is Mike Popp, or his handle (LW) of the Liberty Warrior Nation. A powerful radio show host and Patriot. Mike tells his story like this, it started with a man and his laptop…answering a call from God. He came from the school of hard knocks. He worked for everything he had.  Lost it all, gained it back. Got knocked down and stood back up. God has always been there to carry him when needed and push him when he could. Nothing in this world meets you halfway.

His greatest accomplishment in life was becoming a father. He built many successful businesses and dared to take a step of faith in becoming a podcaster and radio host. This country is crying out for God, patriots, and heroes. He chose to be a patriot. Uniting this country is his passion and spreading God’s message is his calling. Join LW at LIBERTY WARRIOR NATION for an inspiring look at life, politics, current events, and a world view from 30,000 feet. For more information on “Liberty Warrior Nation,” go to libertywarriornation.com.

Catherine McCord is our second guest. She is a mom, food blogger, former supermodel, and creator of Weelicious. She is teaming up with Pound of Ground Crumbles to share new ways to create tasty meals in minutes. You will earn why this new innovative option is a quick, easy and healthy way to create your favorite recipes while saving time and money.  Catherine is dedicated to helping parents expose their children to wholesome, delicious homemade food. She is also the co-founder of One Potato, an organic home meal delivery kit service focused specifically on the mealtime needs of families, and the author of several cookbooks. People voted McCord one of the 50 most influential “Mommy Bloggers.” She has appeared multiple times in People, Real Simple Magazine, the Today ShowThe ChewAccess Hollywood Live, and Good Morning America. Go to    www.PoundOfGround.com for more information or visit Weelicious at www.weelicious.com.


Our last guest is Samantha Crowe, PETA’s Manager of Science Education. Ms. Crowe will discuss more state-of-the-art alternatives ending animal dissection, the RAISE coalition, and her new co-authored paper in the American Biology Teacher journal. PETA’s Replacing Animals in Science Education (RAISE) Coalition. RAISE helps by donating interactive dissection software and assisting students and parents in getting dissection-choice policies enacted in schools.

In addition to working with educators to replace animal dissection, Samantha has helped PETA’s TeachKind program—which provides teachers with humane education materials. She also spearheads TeachKind’s dissection pilot program, has co-authored research papers in the American Biology Teacher Journal, and is a regular fixture at science education conferences around the U.S. For more information, please visit: www.PETA.org/dissection

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