Fairfax Radio 10-18-2022

Khaliah AliOur first guest is Khaliah Ali, a healthcare advocate, activist, designer, author, and daughter of former professional boxer Muhammad Ali. The new PSA Campaign, Fight to Flourish, featuring Khaliah Ali, highlights the impacts of Obesity, Particularly for Black Women.

Khaliah Ali has been at the forefront of affordable clothing for women of all sizes and is a former Ford Plus Size model. She has been all sizes ranging from size 8 to size 24, as is discussed in her book, “Fighting Weight,” now in its third printing and published in hardback by Harper Collins. She has appeared on several television networks, including the Today Show and Good Morning America, and has published editorials in numerous outlets, including the New York Times and Oprah Magazine. She serves on the board of the World Food Program, Project Sunshine, We Are Family, and Help USA. She is the American ambassador for Steve Erwin’s “Wildlife Warriors.” Khaliah resides with her husband, Spencer Wertheimer, and their son, Jacob. For more information and to watch the video Campaign, Fight to Flourish, please visit www.ethicon.com.

Our second guest is Michelle Rohlf, is the author of the new book, “Losing Her Finding Me.” She asks, “How does a mother who put her entire identity into her baby the moment she came into the world find herself again when, years later, her grown child cuts all ties?” Michelle Rohlf’s unwanted estrangement from her daughter, Naomi, strips her of everything, her grandchildren, her peace of mind, and most of all, herself. Despite her broken heart and spirit, she embarks on a three-year journey of healing and forgiveness, discovering the impact her upbringing had on her attachment to her daughter. But just as Michelle learns that her life isn’t over because her daughter walked away, Naomi shows up again without apology or explanation.

Michelle Rohlf has spent a lifetime focusing on relationships and encouraging others to cultivate healthy relationships. She speaks at retreats, women’s meetings, and Bible Studies. She is passionate about mentoring and discipleship, one-on-one or in small groups. Michelle has been married to a wonderful, supportive man since 1995 and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She has two daughters, two grandsons, and two small, fluffy dogs. “Losing Her, Finding Me” is her first book.  To learn more about Michele Rolf, her book, and how to book as a speaker, go to her website michellerohlf.com. To purchase her book, go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBook.com.

Our third guest is Sandra Flach, a Christian author, speaker, and trainer for the adoption, foster, and FASD communities. Today she will discuss her new book “Orphans No More.” The new book Orphans No More –A Journey Back to the Father. The memoir details her family’s adoption journey and her understanding of spiritual adoption through the lens of an adoptive parent. Sandra hosts the weekly Orphans No More Podcast, where she inspires, educates, and equips adoptive and foster parents and kinship caregivers. She also blogs for encouragement for families at SandraFlach.com. Sandra is the voice of the JFO Minute Spot on the Sound of Life Radio Network throughout NY. She has also written articles published by Focus on the Family. Sandra lives in upstate New York with her husband of 34 years. She loves spending time with her family and snuggling and reading to her five grandchildren. For more information or to order her book go to her website at: www.sandraflach.com.

Our last guest is John Jarman, an award-winning author of the new book Broken & Redeemed.  Today John shares his story with us of one man’s journey, beginning with John Jarman’s troubled childhood and challenges as an adult and resolving as he finds redemption in the grace of God. John openly writes his challenges, failures, losses, and blessings on the pages of Broken and Redeemed. While exploring himself through counseling and mentorship, John was led to completely surrender his life to Jesus, finding strength in faith and power through the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life. He shares with readers what helped him reach this critical juncture and transformation in his life, along with relevant self-reflection and discussion questions for group or personal use.

It is John Jarman’s desire that Broken and Redeemed guides readers through a deeper examination of their faith—one that exposes how accepting Christ is easy but walking in true obedience will place them in situations they never thought they would encounter. John is a professional fitness coach and men’s discipleship leader with a passion for seeing lives changed by Jesus Christ. A former football coach and Marine Corps veteran of Desert Storm, John’s life was radically transformed from a self-destructive trajectory to one of life, wholeness, and a dynamic walk with Christ, a story told in the pages of Broken and Redeemed. John holds a master’s degree in Physical Education from Ohio University and is close to completing a Master’s degree in Theology from Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington, where he resides. For more information about where to purchase his book go to John’s website at: brokenandredeemed.com.

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