Fairfax Radio 11/02/2021 8:00 AM Drive time

Does God make mistakes? Can even those with crippling disabilities or who have endured abuse trust that God made them with purpose? Why were you born – and what happens if you reject God’s opinion and don’t like yourself?  Did you know 12 million Americans consider suicide each year, and more than 45,000 succeed; Could understanding their personal worth have changed that number and saved lives? Pastor David L. Johnston will answer those and many more questions and is our special guest today discussing his newest book Why You Were Born A Blueprint to Discovering Your Life Potential. Pastor Johnson is a pastor in Jacksonville, Florida, Johnston provides his books and videos through his teaching ministry, Nothing But the Truth. [What happens if you don’t like yourself? That shows up in a supplement as a list of 30 consequences, ranging from blaming your parents to suicide.]  For more information go to www.nothingbutthetruth.org

Our next guest is Catherine Field Senior Vice President and Medicare division leader for Humana, a leading health and well-being company.  Ms. Field will help educate Medicare-eligible individuals about the AEP, provide insights on how to choose the best Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan for them in the coming year, and share resources including credible websites and licensed sales agents who can offer one-on-one meetings. The Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug annual enrollment period (AEP) is here, running from October 15 through December 7. Selecting a Medicare plan can seem overwhelming so eligible beneficiaries – including individuals age 65 and over as well as those living with disabilities – need to take time to research coverage options to ensure they select the plan that best suits their individual health needs before the December deadline. For more information, please visit: www.Medicare.gov or www.Humana.com/Medicare  

Carol Lee Mitchell, Head of Small Business Strategy at Bank of America discusses a New Bank of America Survey about Women Small Business Owners Prioritize Self-Care, Mental Health and Employee Wellness Amid Pandemic-Driven Stress. Ms. Mitchell will discuss the following: How women entrepreneurs are acknowledging the impact of pandemic-related stressors on their mental health Also how women small business owners are emphasizing the importance of responding to their employees’ wellness and mental health during a stressful year. The communities of support and additional resources women small business owners tapped into during the challenges of the pandemic. Women small business owners’ economic outlook, concerns, and growth expectations for the year ahead. For more information, download this PDF: https://newsroom.bankofamerica.com/content/dam/newsroom/docs/2021/2021%20Women%20Business%20Owner%20Spotlight.pdf

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