Fairfax Radio 11-21-2023

Andy Healy of TEFL: Hiring Teachers

Andy Healy, the managing director of The TEFLOur first guest is Andy Healy, the managing director of The TEFL Org (teaching English as a foreign language) . On our broadcast today, Mr. Healy will discuss why The TEFL Org Announces the 2023 Influx in International Demand for Teachers of English as a Second Language. The TEFL Org Prepares Career Changers, Retirees, and Recent Graduates to Teach English as a Foreign Language, Offering Dream Jobs for Many Undecided on Their Professional Futures. The TEFL Org announced that 2023 is bringing an unprecedented increase in international demand for teachers of English as a second language. According to Korea JoongAng Daily, countries such as South Korea are at their lowest ebb in finding English language teachers.

Andy Healy joined The TEFL Org with over 20 years of experience in the publishing sector, most recently building market-leading consumer brands for Immediate Media and BBC magazines. He plans to use his expertise to grow the business across international markets, particularly in the US.  TEFL.org has multiple awards, offers accreditation, and is internationally recognized. TEFL.org helps prospective English teachers to enroll in the right course to kickstart their TESOL or TEFL life press release.

The TEFL organization is accredited and internationally recognized and has classroom and online courses that, for decades, have been equipping students worldwide to teach English as a second language. With a head office team and teaching staff who have years of practice in EFL teaching and teacher training, The TEFL Org has first-hand experience in teaching English as a foreign language abroad, tutoring online, in the classroom or both.  The number of native speakers heading to South Korea to teach English has plummeted to one-third of its pre-pandemic levels, thus driving the demand for teachers of English as a second language. This presents an enormous opportunity for Americans who long to energize their professional lives by making travel a key component. With more tech startups imploding and the economy on the brink of recession, a growing number of recent high school and college graduates, and retirees, are turning to teaching through this wonderful online teaching a new “dream job.” For more information visit their website www.tefl.org.

Dr. Scott Magill: Wreaths for Warriors Project

Dr. Scott Magill, Founder and President of Veterans in Defense of LibertyOur second guest is Dr. Scott Magill, Founder and President of Veterans in Defense of Liberty. Today he discusses the Wreaths for Warrior mission (at Wreaths for Warrior’s dot com). Christmas is approaching rapidly, and it is time to plan to celebrate those who pledged their lives and fortunes that our Freedom and Liberties might extend to the very end of time. The American veterans  Wreaths for Warrior’s mission does just that and invites you to join them, in person or thought, in honoring over 14,000 graves at Springfield Missouri National Cemetery with Christmas wreathswreath for warriors and a moving ceremony at 11:00 on December 16th.

The short ceremony preceding the laying of Wreaths will include a 21gun salute and taps by the United States Marine Corps, 4 Pipers who will also pipe during the Wreath laying, a ceremonious laying of one wreath, and with a little luck, a missing wingman formation fly over by the Black Hawks, and much more. Veterans in Defense of Liberty with their Cav Division, Liberty Riders of America, and partnered with by Greene and Christian County, Lawerence County 4H, and Honorary Co-Chair the Chancellor of C of O, Dr. Jerry Davis, are taking the point in this honorable program.

It is only fitting and proper that we honor all veterans and their families by formally placing over 14,000 live evergreen wreaths on the graves of those from the Revolutionary War until today whose tour of duty is over. Please help us make certain all appropriate grave sites are covered. To support or join visit their website, vidolamerica.com.

Dr. David H. Persing: New Tests for Respirator Illnesses

Our third guest is David H. Persing, MD, Ph.D., EVP, and Chief Medical and Technology Officer at Cepheid, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) for the Danaher Diagnostics Platform. Respiratory disease season is here, and with multiple viruses circulating simultaneously, it can be tricky to know what virus you have.  Today, Dr. Persing will discuss a new test for respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, RSV, the flu, or a cold. These are caused by viruses. Treatments can be very different, making an accurate diagnosis critical. Without the proper tools, this situation could easily become a guessing game.

And when it comes to matters of health, we cannot leave things to chance. The good news is that scientists have developed a highly accurate test that can quickly determine the cause of your symptoms. With a single nasal swab, this rapid PCR diagnostic test can accurately detect known and novel strains of flu, RSV, and COVID-19, as well as potential co-infections, in less than an hour. Swift identification allows for early diagnosis, which, in turn, enables prompt medical intervention and appropriate measures to prevent further spread of these infections.  For more information, visit www.cepheid.com/en-US.html.

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