Fairfax Radio 12-19-2023

Tom Jerman discusses the Authorship of “The Night Before Christmas

Tom Jerman, authorOur distinguished guest today is Tom Jerman, the author of “The Fight for the Night: Resolving the Dispute Over Authorship of ‘The Night Before Christmas.’” "Resolving the Authorship Dispute-'The Night Before Christmas'" by Tom JermanHe will discuss the exciting mystery of who really wrote “The Night Before Christmas.” Mr. Jerman spent years trying to solve this mystery. He started writing “The Fight for the Night” in 2015 after ending his 35-year career as a lawyer. Through his research, he learned that the poem was reportedly delivered by a prominent Troy, New York, resident to the editor of The Troy Sentinel. Others say the daughter delivered it to Troy’s Episcopal minister, who heard the poem while spending Christmas in 1822 at the Manhattan estate of Clement C. Moore. Despite the widespread belief that Moore was the author, he did not publicly disclose his authorship until 1836.

However, Henry Livingston, Jr.’s descendants claimed he was the author. But neither Livingston nor the children who purportedly heard him recite the poem in 1808 had ever said publicly that he wrote “The Night Before Christmas.” The Livingston position that “The Night Before Christmas” was written in 1808 also ignores the poem’s allusions to works published in 1812 and 1821. It is Jerman’s hope that presenting the irrefutable evidence of Moore’s authorship in one place and providing a complete refutation of the arguments that the Livingston advocates have made over 135 years, will end the dispute, once and for all, and that no one will have to say again there is a dispute over who wrote “The Night Before Christmas.” Tom A. Jermain spent 35 years practicing law with two international law firms. He is the author of Santa Claus Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Holiday Gift-BringersThe Fight for the Night is his second book. For more information visit, www.acollectionofsantas.com.

Angela Golden, DNP, discusses Holiday Eating Habits

Angela Golden, DNPOur second guest is Angela Golden, DNP, a family nurse practitioner and the owner and sole provider at NP From Home and NP Obesity Treatment Clinic. She will discuss Holiday Healthy Eating Habits and give us tips and suggestions on how to stay on track while enjoying the holiday.. She will be joined by Janet, who’s been on a remarkable weight loss journey and will share her story.

Dr. Golden earned her doctoral degree with an emphasis on health policy and evidence-based practice at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Golden is a member and fellow of American Association of Nurse Practitioners, where she served as past president and founding co-chair of the Obesity Specialty Practice Group/Community. She is a member and Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association and served as the Chair of the CME overview committee. She is a member of the Arizona Nurse Practitioners Council (Chapter AZNA) and The Obesity Society where she serves as the Chair for the TOS Clinical Section. For more information go to: https://npobesitytreatment.org

Michael Letts Discusses Current State of our Nation

Michael A. Letts, President of In-Vest USAMoving on to our final guest, Michael Letts, the President, and Founder of Invest USA, who joins us as our regular expert on current events. Today, Michael discusses the current state of the nation specifically, the Hunter Biden Investigation, and is there going to be inquiry to Impeach President Biden. In-Vest USAWill Israel be able to defeat Hamas? Also, Michael  discusses the border problem and how it can be resolved. We discuss Veterans and how to help them by just a kind word or helping by buying them a coffee or paying for a meal. He will also talk about  tips on how we can get involved in his non-profit to help keep our Law enforcement officers and first responders safe by donating to his non-profit organization.

He passionately talks about how his organization, In-Vest USA, saves countless officers and first responders from danger by providing free bulletproof vests and equipment to communities across America. Michael Letts is a dedicated individual who has spent 30 years in law enforcement. Through InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization, he has made a significant impact on communities, ensuring their police forces are well-equipped and protected. To learn more about Michael Letts and his remarkable work, please visit his official website at www.investusa.org.

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