Fairfax Radio 2-27-2024

Laurie Elizabeth Murphy Discusses Her New Novel

Laurie Elizabeth Murphy, author of Dream Me HomeOur first guest is Laurie Elizabeth Murphy, a full-time author of both non-fiction and fiction books. Today, she discusses her newest Novel, “Dream Me Home,” A Story of Betrayal, Infidelity, and Love. Can you remember your first love? Have you ever wished for one more chance to experience those feelings and turn back time? Dream Me Home by Laurie Elizabeth MurphyPeggy Prescott, the main character, lives a seemingly perfect life, but destiny is closing in. What begins as a whodunnit mystery immersed in a love story soon transforms into an adventure where anything is possible. Peggy’s path winds in two directions, but which will she choose? Which would you choose?

Laurie has published many nonfiction books, co-authoring with her late husband to write “In the Best Interest of the Child: A Manual for Divorcing Parents,” “Eight Strategies for Successful Step-Parenting,” and “You Don’t Know Anything: A Manual for Parenting Teenagers.”

She has also written and self-published “Satori,” “Wherever the Wind Blows Me,” and “Cellophane Memories.” Additionally, she writes a bi-monthly column for “My Living,” a local magazine. “Dream Me Home,” is her debut fiction novel, it is a psychological thriller drawing from her own career as a therapist. She is currently writing a sequel to “Dream Me Home. For more information to purchase her books go to: www.amazon.com.

Wendy Forkas Discusses Path-Now.com & Its Mission

Wendy ForkasDelighted to introduce our distinguished guest today, Wendy Forkas, who brings a wealth of experience and leadership as the Chief Executive Officer of Adjoin, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and veterans across California. Wendy joins us to illuminate the mission of Path-Now.com, a groundbreaking platform she spearheaded, shedding light on its genesis and its symbiotic relationship with Adjoin.

Throughout our discussion, Wendy unveils the strategic roadmap for Path-Now’s enduring financial sustainability, interwoven with compelling narratives of individuals whose lives have been transformed by the Path-Now App. With over three decades of dedicated service in the disabilities sector, including over two decades in executive roles within non-profit organizations, Wendy’s leadership is further underscored by her pivotal roles in various boards and coalitions, notably as President of the California Disability Services Association (CDSA) Board and Vendor Advisory Chair for the San Diego Regional Center Board.

Her academic background in Behavioral Analysis and Therapy, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, reflects her deep commitment to fostering holistic solutions for individuals with diverse needs. For further information on Wendy’s impactful work and the transformative initiatives of Path-Now and Adjoin, please visit path-now.com or adjoin.org.


Chet Thompson Discusses Possible Gas Car Bans & the 2024 Elections

Chet Thompson, President, and CEO of AFPM-02Our next esteemed guest is Chet Thompson, President, and CEO of AFPM (American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers), the Association represents the U.S. gasoline, diesel and renewable fuel producers and petrochemical companies that make key components for electric vehicles and batteries. Today we discuss how the federal government is effectively working to ban new gasoline and diesel cars and trucks, and how these policies could become an issue in the 2024 election cycle and what these policies mean for American drivers, manufacturing workers and U.S. national security.

Through President Joe Biden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation, he is advancing two different regulations requiring almost all new passenger cars and trucks to be electric by 2032. If implemented, these policies would effectively ban new gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel vehicles, the types of cars and trucks most Americans depend on and what 92.4% of Americans chose to buy in 2023 (electric vehicles, EVs, accounted for just 7.6% of new car sales). President Biden’s policies would affect all American drivers, including those in rural states with extreme winters, those who commute long distances for work and those who live in multi-unit buildings that don’t have convenient access to vehicle charging. Both the EPA and Department of Transportation are on a deadline to finalize their de facto gas car ban regulations by spring.

Most Americans are unaware of these policies, but when informed and asked whether government should be enacting policies that eliminate gas cars, Americans are strongly opposed. In fact, some of the highest bipartisan opposition to gas car bans can be found in key 2024 battleground states—Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and Montana—states considered “must win” by President Biden and/or key to the balance of the United States Senate. Residents in these states are also considerably “less likely to support” officials who favor gas car ban policies. For more information, please visit www.DontBanOurCars.com.

TeachKind PETA discusses “Words Matter” Language Guide

Lisbet ChiribogaIt’s a pleasure to introduce our last guest, Lisbet Chiriboga, Program Manager of TeachKind at PETA, here to share insights into PETA’s humane education division and its latest initiative, “Words Matter.” This innovative language guide is a comprehensive resource, brimming with engaging lessons and animal-friendly idioms, designed to empower educators in cultivating kindness and respect toward animals among children.

In our conversation today, Lisbet illuminates how “Words Matter” is a catalyst for nurturing empathy through simple yet impactful lessons on everyday language use. By spotlighting the detrimental effects of conventional expressions that normalize violence against animals, such as “more than one way to skin a cat,” the guide offers uplifting alternatives like “more than one way to peel a potato.” Moreover, emphasizing the importance of referring to animals with personal pronouns like “he,” “she,” or “they” rather than “it,” “Words Matter” champions the notion of animals as sentient beings deserving of compassion.

Leveraging her extensive experience as the Program Manager of TeachKind, Lisbet is dedicated to crafting inclusive and age-appropriate materials that instill empathy for animals, catering to educators across diverse learning environments. Her collaborative efforts with school districts, teachers, and homeschooling parents ensure the accessibility of these invaluable resources, complemented by engaging workshops and presentations on humane education. With over a decade of teaching experience in New York City prior to her role at PETA, Lisbet brings a wealth of expertise to her mission of promoting empathy and compassion in education.

For more information on Lisbet Chiriboga’s impactful work and PETA’s TeachKind program, please visit www.peta.org/teachkind.

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