Fairfax Radio 2/9/2021 8:00 AM

Our first guest today is Art Rios, author of “Let’s Talk”, About Making Your Life Exciting, Easier, And Exceptional! He will discuss his first book in the Let’s Talk series, he tells how to make life exciting, easier, exceptional, and filled with pleasures— right now. It’s straight talk about modern times. Simple ways to unwind and enjoy life. Let’s Talk is about anything and everything. From pursuing pleasures to pandemics to decluttering your life. From gratitude and kindness to lazy Sundays.

Art Rios is a trial lawyer by profession, a student of humanity by choice, and a friend to all by nature. A connoisseur of good old-fashioned gab, he advocates for the revival of genuine conversation as a way to connect with others, expand our minds, improve our world, and get more enjoyment and satisfaction from life. Board-certified in immigration and naturalization law by the Florida Bar, Art holds a Master of Laws degree in trial advocacy from Temple University, which he earned after obtaining his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Stetson University College of Law. He has been an Adjunct Professor at Stetson Law for over twelve years, where he teaches Immigration Litigation and Advocacy and is on Stetson’s Board of Overseers. For more information or to purchase the book go to  Amazon or his website at:https://riostalks.com/



Our second guest is Norman McCombs Engineer, White House National Medal of Technology,and Innovation Recipient, Heritage Seeker, and Author he is our second guest today. He will be discussing his new book a Reason To Be.

A Reason to Be is an epic tale beginning in 15th-century Scotland and flowing through time to modern-day New York, A Reason to Be is a tale of loss, hope, and the transcendent power of the love that bind us to one another.

Douglas McCombs is an accomplished engineer and recent widower driven to discover the truth of who he is by studying the people and places he comes from. After losing his wife to a battle with Alzheimer’s, Douglas is left devastated until a chance encounter with a sharp, compassionate librarian named Suzy Hamilton on the steps of the New York Public Library shakes him from the throes of grief. With Suzy’s help, Douglas takes up genealogy and begins an investigation into his Scottish lineage that takes the reader on a sprawling journey through time and the remarkable lives of Douglas’s ancestors—from legendary highland clan chiefs and American war generals to humble farmers and family men. As he traces his ancestry through the generations, Douglas manages to discover not only the roots he was searching for, but also a brand-new reason to be. For more information to purchase the book go to Amazon and his website at :https://www.normanmccombs.com/

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