Fairfax Radio 3-12-2024

Dr. Ricarado Bodden Discusses His Book, “End the Reign of Pain”

Dr. Ricardo BoddenOur esteemed first guest, Dr. Rickardo Bodden, brings to light his latest work, End-The-Reign-of-Pain-Cover2“End the Reign of Pain: Identifying and Treating Toxic Leadership.” Delving into the intricacies of toxic behaviors and their detrimental effects, Dr. Bodden highlights the pervasive nature of toxicity across various domains, including business, church, and family. Drawing from his extensive experience as an author, leadership consultant, and associate pastor, Dr. Bodden sheds light on the profound impact of toxic leadership on self-esteem, confidence, and even one’s faith. Through poignant insights, he uncovers the prevalence of unrecognized toxicity among individuals, particularly leaders, and its detrimental consequences on personal and relational well-being. Inspired by a deep-seated desire for accountability and transformation, Dr. Bodden’s mission is to guide individuals toward healthier forms of leadership, fostering growth and empowerment beyond limitations.

Dr. Rickardo Bodden is a leadership consultant, chief operating officer, mentor, and associate pastor. He continues to mentor, coach, and develop people. His passion is to see people grow beyond personal limitations to be the leaders God has ordained. For more information, visit his website, boddenleads.com/drbodden.

Destiny Yarbrough discusses “The Vision”

Destiny YarbroughOur next distinguished guest today is Destiny Yarbrough, a multifaceted Media Minister, Actress, and Producer-Co-Host for Television. She begins expanding her media ministry by teaming up with Alveda King as co-host and co-executive producer of the captivating new TV show The Vision. Additionally, Destiny has been appointed as an associate producer while taking on an acting role in “The Last Evangelist.”

At the forefront of Destiny’s endeavors is her pivotal role as an executive producer and lead show host for “The Vision,” a recently launched Christian talk show originating from WATC-TV 57 in Atlanta and broadcast across various Christian networks. In a dynamic panel format, “The Vision” promises to delve into various relevant topics ranging from faith, fashion, and health to Black history and themes of liberty.

Alongside her esteemed colleague, Dr. Alveda King—a renowned political activist, author, and niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.—”The Vision” boasts a stellar lineup of hosts, including Day Gardner, Katie Holmes, Sherida Lovelace, and Ginger Howard. The inaugural episode, aired on Feb. 6 at 11:30 am EST, showcased Destiny leading an engaging round table discussion in an informal style, exploring the profound meaning of vision while sharing personal anecdotes of faith.

The show’s debut received a warm reception, marking the beginning of an inspiring journey dedicated to enlightening audiences and fostering meaningful conversations.

Destiny Yarbrough is on a mission to reach the world for Christ. Destiny is also an ordained minister with a passion for Deliverance and hope to women….women who are beginning a relationship with Jesus and women who are in church every Sunday yet need a spiritual breakthrough to take their faith walk to the next level. Destiny also shares her message through her book Visions, Dreams and Destiny: God has called you to be a visionary, bring your dreams to life, and walk in your Destiny. For more information go to: www.thevisiontvshow.com

Ryan Ripple Talks about New Economic Mobility and Opportunity Partnerships

Ryan RippelRyan Rippel is the pioneering director of the U.S. Economic Opportunity and Mobility (EMO) strategy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Leading a dedicated team of visionaries and activists, Ryan spearheads efforts to dismantle the obstacles hindering nearly 50 million individuals from accessing economic mobility and opportunity nationwide, spanning diverse landscapes from rural to urban and suburban communities.

Today, he will discuss how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently invested over $100 million nationally in new Economic Mobility and Opportunity partnerships to help the millions of people facing these barriers. People aspire to find good jobs and climb the economic ladder. However, achieving those aspirations is difficult for millions in this country. Economic mobility is on the decline.

One indicator is that, on average, 90% of children born in the 1940s grew up to earn more than their parents. That figure has dropped to 50% for children born in the 1980s. Research shows that education alone cannot guarantee that everyone will have access to opportunities or experience long-term, equitable economic outcomes. Systemic barriers such as race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status continue to predict economic consequences for individuals. For more information, visit their website

Tanya Topka, Director, Office of Defects Investigation (NHTSA)- Spring Forward for Safety

Tanya Topka, Director, Office of Defects Investigation (NHTSA)Our final guest is Tanya Topka, who serves as the Director of the Office of Defects Investigation at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)nhtsa. With a wealth of experience spanning five years at NHTSA, Tanya has held pivotal roles, including Deputy Director of ODI, Division Chief for the Trends Analysis Division, and Vehicle Defects Division A Chief.

In her current capacity, Tanya’s office plays a critical role in identifying, investigating, and recalling safety-related defects in vehicles, child seats, and vehicle equipment. One of the primary focuses of her work is administering the agency’s safety recall program, ensuring that manufacturers conduct recall notification and remedy campaigns promptly and effectively. Through platforms like nhtsa.gov and the SaferCar app, consumers can easily access comprehensive recall information by VIN, plate number, or model, empowering them to prioritize safety.

An interesting tidbit: Did you know that your dealer will fix your vehicle safety recall for free? Manufacturers must address the issue by repairing, replacing, or providing a refund. Utilizing tools like the VIN lookup tool and the SaferCar app allows consumers to stay informed about recalls, even those not yet posted on NHTSA’s site. This proactive approach ensures that vehicles and related equipment remain safe and reliable for all motorists. For more information, visit www.nhtsa.gov/recalls.

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