Fairfax Radio 4-16-2024

Bailey Farren, CEO of The Perimeter Platform, on the All-Risk Solution App

Bailey FarrenOur first guest today is Bailey Farren, the Chief Executive Officer of The Perimeter Platform. Bailey, who comes from a family of first responders, was deeply moved by her personal experience during the Tubbs Fire in her hometown of Santa Rosa. This inspired her to develop Perimeter, a platform that addresses challenges emergency managers and first responders face during day-to-day operations and disasters. With over seven years of experience in data-driven business models, Bailey oversees product development and team operations at The Perimeter Platform.Bailey Farren

Perimeter is an all-risk solution app that addresses challenges emergency managers and first responders face during day-to-day operations and disasters. It empowers first responders to address the most critical disaster response and recovery aspect: life safety. The app originated as a research project at UC Berkeley, where its creator first recognized the need for new communication tools in public safety. Three years later, a team of Berkeley graduates continues to strive to help responders keep themselves and their communities safe.

The Perimeter Platform aids public safety by providing critical information like evacuation notices, road closures, and shelter locations on its user-friendly county map. The platform’s evacuation management system enables public safety personnel, news agencies, and residents to share the most up-to-date information easily. With no sign-up or opt-in required, individuals can visit Perimeter’s public map to see if they are in an impacted area during an emergency incident and learn how best to act. Additionally, Bailey has won the title of Miss San Francisco and is in the running for Miss America. For more information, visit the Perimeter Platform.

Goodwins Discusses Writers & Illustrators of the Future 40th Anniversary

John Goodwin and Emily Jones Our second guests this week are John and Emily Goodwin from Galaxy Press. They are joining us to discuss the 40th year of The L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Contest. This year, it will be on  Thursday, April 25th, when the winners will be presented at a Gala Event.  John and Emily also discuss the 40th Edition of the Writers and Illustrators Book. Over the years, these contests with the short stories & Illustrations have significantly impacted science fiction and fantasy. Their influence on the industry is immeasurable, with a rich history of nurturing new writers and illustrators for over four decades.

John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press, has been involved in book publishing since 1986. He is responsible for publishing all the fiction works of bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard, including the renowned Writers of the Future anthology, which has completed its 36th year. John’s expertise extends beyond publishing as he has served on the board of the Audio Publishers Association, a national organization dedicated to the audio publishing industry. Additionally, he has actively engaged with the Hollywood community, serving as a board member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Friends of Hollywood Central Park. John is also the President of the Hollywood Christmas Parade and an Honorary Commander of the United States Air Force. His affiliations include memberships in prestigious organizations such as the Explorers Club, Science Fiction Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, and Western Writers of America.

Emily Goodwin, Vice President of Public Affairs at Galaxy Press, has been involved in book publishing since 2007. She plays a crucial role as the producer of the Writers of the Future annual Achievement Awards and the online writing workshop. Emily actively participates in the Independent Book Publishers Association as a contest judge for the Benjamin Franklin Awards. She is also a member of the Audio Publishers Association. As Vice President of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, Emily efficiently coordinates the efforts of over 500 volunteers, contributing to the success of one of the most celebrated Christmas Parades worldwide. Since 2018, Emily has proudly held the position of Honorary Commander for the US Air Force. For more information, visit galaxypress.com.

Amy Goodson discusses a Fresh Start for a Healthy and Happy Spring!

Dietician, Amy GoodsonOur last guest is Amy Goodson, a distinguished Registered Dietitian and seasoned consultant. Today, Amy will share invaluable nutrition tips and recommendations to foster healthier, stress-free lifestyles as we embrace the rejuvenating spirit of spring. As we bid farewell to the winter chill and eagerly anticipate the vibrant resurgence of blossoms, extended daylight hours, and brighter dispositions, spring embodies the essence of renewal and fresh beginnings.

Amy will enlighten us on how to lay the groundwork for a prosperous season, ensuring our well-being and contentment throughout this revitalizing time. She will unveil the latest trends in cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle, present a repertoire of delectable and nourishing recipes, and highlight the indispensable essentials for nurturing body and mind. She will also guide us through effective stress management techniques and much more. With Amy as our trusted guide, let’s embark on this journey together toward a healthier, happier spring season.

Amy’s Credentials

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is a registered dietitian and consultant emphasizing overall health, wellness, and sports nutrition. She has fifteen years of experience and has worked with Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Texas Rangers, as well as with many middle school, high school, and endurance athletes. She also works with the everyday exercising population to improve health and wellness. For more information, visit AmyGoodsonRD.com.

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