Fairfax Radio 4-9-2024

Shirley Luckadoo Talks about her book, “True Stories of People in Recovery”

Shirley Luckadoo, minister and author of "True Stories of People in Recovery"Our first guest is Shirley Luckadoo, EdD, MDiv, author of the new book, “True Stories of People in Recovery: Finding Healing from Hurts, Addictions, and Compulsive Behaviors” (Redemption Press). Shirley discusses her new book, in which she states that she has seen lives transformed through the power of testimonies.True Stories of People in Recovery by Shirley Luckadoo

Luckadoo has led Trading Ford Baptist Church’s Celebrate Recovery ministry in Salisbury, NC, for almost seventeen years. The book is a compilation of testimonies of thirteen of the many people who have attended the Celebrate Recovery ministry and have experienced recovery through Jesus Christ from their addictions and compulsive behaviors. She says she wants others “to be encouraged and inspired to follow in the footsteps of those who have shared their testimonies.”

Luckadoo, a former community college vice president, includes her own story of recovery. She will use potential profits from the book to fund Kings Haven Ministries, Inc., which will open a transition house for men coming out of treatment centers and a facility for women with children coming out of treatment. For more information, visit her website, shirleyluckadoo.com.

Ayano Hattori Discusses Manga for Success Newest Book

Ayano HattoriOur second guest is Ayano Hattori, who is representing Manga for Success.  She discusses The new book, “Business Problem-Solving and Strategy: Manga for Success.” A popular and time-honored tradition in Japan is now entering the U.S. market.  Manga, printed anime cartoons long popular in its country’s entertainment and business media (and among U.S. anime fans), will soon make inroads in American business publications thanks to JMA Management Center and Wiley.  English-language business/self-help books on topics such as Managing Change and Business Problem-Solving & Strategy are now available via Amazon.

The lively and aesthetically pleasing Manga drawings (see attached flyer) will undoubtedly appeal to younger generations accustomed to only reading online and not generally drawn to business literature.  They are perfect for starting the New Year with a fresh, more straightforward approach to business learning, especially for younger people who have had difficulty absorbing traditional business books.   For more information, visit Amazon.com.

Learn about Canine Companions’ Puppy Program

James Dern with Canine Companions Puppy ProgramOur next guest is James Dern, Director of the Puppy Program at Canine Companions. Canine Companions provides service dogs to people with medical needs for no cost.This nonprofit organization enriches the lives of people with disabilities by providing them with a service dog at no cost. The director of the Puppy Program at Canine Companions discusses this rewarding and life-changing volunteer opportunity.

James Dern is a Bay Area, CA native who now resides in the wine country of Sonoma County. A life-long love of dogs and a brief experience teaching art at an elementary school with a small population of students with special needs led him to become interested in the Canine Companionsextraordinary impact service dogs have on people with disabilities. He began working at Canine Companions 2006 as an instructor assistant and completed an apprenticeship in 2008 to become a service dog instructor.

In 2013, he became puppy program manager for the country’s Northwest region, where he saw first-hand the influence volunteer puppy raisers have in helping puppies begin their journeys to become service dogs. This ignited a passion for guiding volunteers through socializing and training puppies, which he continues to do today as the Director of the Puppy Program at Canine Companions. James is also a volunteer puppy raiser himself. He is raising Jigsaw, a Labrador puppy who will enter professional training in August 2024. For more information, please visit www.canine.org/raisepups.

Here is a wonderful video about the program.

Fair Health Consumer Demystifying Healthcare Costs

Fair Health Consumer, with Nicole InyToday, our final guest is Nicole Iny, Executive Director of Grants and Consumer Education at FAIR Health. She will delve into the intricacies of a newly developed website tailored for older adults, shedding light on how patients can actively participate in shaping their healthcare journey as their needs evolve.

Fair Health Consumer

Did you know that individuals aged 65 and over often bear a substantial portion of healthcare expenses but may not always receive care aligned with their preferences? Shared decision-making, a collaborative approach wherein patients and clinicians engage in discussions to determine tests, treatments, and care options, holds immense promise in involving patients in their healthcare choices.

Thanks to the generous support of The John A. Hartford Foundation, FAIR Health has unveiled “FAIR Health for Older Adults,” a complimentary website offering a wealth of tools, educational content, and resources designed to assist older adults and their family caregivers in planning for age-appropriate care. Among its features are shared decision-making tools integrating clinical and cost data for various treatment alternatives relevant to conditions commonly affecting older adults, such as early-stage breast cancer, hip osteoarthritis, hip replacement, spinal stenosis, and aggressive prostate cancer.

Furthermore, the website provides FH® Total Treatment Cost tools, showcasing a spectrum of expenses associated with conditions particularly pertinent to older adults, such as Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, heart failure, and major depression. In addition to these invaluable resources, FAIR Health for Older Adults offers educational materials covering various healthcare topics, including strategies for preparing for and managing healthcare expenses, essential questions to ask healthcare providers, and recommendations for locating additional supportive resources.

As a trusted, impartial provider of comprehensive data and data tools, FAIR Health, a national, independent, nonprofit organization, remains steadfast in its commitment to demystifying healthcare costs and insurance. FAIR Health endeavors to simplify the healthcare landscape and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and finances through consumer-friendly tools, resources, and robust data products. For more information, please visit FAIRHealthOlderAdults.org.

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