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Kambiz MerabiOur first guest is Kambiz Merabi, Chef and Executive Officer of Merabi Organization Group. Today he discusses the company and its beginnings and where the company is in 2023. Kambiz’s great-great-great-grandfather founded the company, and through a succession of six CEOs and a history stretching back over 270 years, it has never left the hands of his family. In 1998, Kambiz was privileged to take over the Merabi Organization Group. The company’s shift in leadership was a calculated risk. With his family’s blessings, he made some changes, both minor and major. He tripled the company’s assets in less than five years. His education and ambition played a great role in his success. Still, his achievements would not have been possible without the love and support of his immediate family, wife, daughters, and parents. Regardless of the mistakes he has made, his grandfather assures him that he always knew that he would succeed in leading the company.

MOG (Merabi Organization Group) offers class luxury rental of office, retail, residential, and hospitality properties. The MOG’s assets are primarily in office, retail, medical, and hospitality buildings. MOG specializes in investment acquisitions, development, re-development, and its own asset management of Class A luxury buildings in New York City & Los Angeles. With Current properties in development in Studio City, Van Nuys, New York City, Great Neck, Long Island, and the Upper East Side of New York. Kambiz Merabi creates a look that no one can imitate with its intricate design. For more information, visit  Merabi Organization Group.

Dan LambeOur second guest today is Dan Lambe, the President of the Arbor Day Foundation, an organization founded in 1972.  Today he will discuss why the Arbor Day Foundation is renewing its efforts to plant 500 million trees. He also explains how trees oxygenate the planet, purify water and air, lower city temperatures, provide habitat, and nurture the soul. Over the course of his tenure, Dan has become a trusted resource for corporate sustainability leaders and the media alike. He has become influential in the sustainability and forestry space, regularly featured as a speaker at conferences hosted by the United Nations, Sustainable Brands, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 3BL, and others. He is a member of the World Economic Forum, 1t.org Stakeholder Council, serves as a board member for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, sits on the steering committee for the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition, and is a recipient of the Chief’s Honor Award — the U.S. Forest Service’s highest award. Dan is also a frequent resource for publications such as CNN, NPR, Popular Science, and Fast Company.

Under Dan’s leadership, the Foundation has grown to become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. During his 16 years with the Foundation, he has led the development of innovative programs that expand the organization’s global reach, including international forest restoration efforts and the most recent Tree Cities of the World program. In addition, Dan spearheads the Arbor Day Foundation’s Evergreen Alliance — a strategic group of corporate leaders dedicated to helping the organization meet its Time for Trees initiative to plant 100 million trees and inspire 5 million tree planters by 2022. For More Information, visit: www.ArborDay.org

Major General Gregory Mosser, Deputy Chief of the Army Reserve.Our third guest today is Major General Gregory Mosser, Deputy Chief of the Army Reserve. Major General Mosser discusses how the Army Reserve is connecting with a new generation of prospective soldiers.  The U.S. Army’s latest campaign, “It’s Your Time,” focuses on the rewarding opportunities for today’s youth to accelerate their personal and professional aspirations in the Army Reserve. The campaign appeals to motivated, capable youth of all backgrounds by highlighting tangible ways soldiers level up their skill sets with added benefits of Army Reserve training, tuition assistance, and work-life flexibility. The Army Reserve is distinct from other ways to serve because it allows soldiers to enhance their civilian careers or pursue higher education while serving the country part-time. These Soldiers supplement the Army’s operational and strategic capabilities by providing units with in-demand skills across military intelligence, civil affairs, engineering, cyber, medical, legal, and aviation fields and beyond.

The “It’s Your Time” campaign illustrates the complementary civilian and military lifestyles of Army Reserve soldiers through four films depicting personality themes – Helper, Solver, Fixer, Connector – that align with the interests of today’s youth and opportunities in the Army Reserve. The films visually capture how this combination of experiences helps individuals realize their full potential.  For more information, visit www.usar.army.mil.

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