Fairfax Radio 5/31/2022 8:00 AM

Our first guest today is Pastor David L. Johnson who will discuss his newest book A Time To Kill and A Time To Heal. It is a gift book that helps combat veterans heal after the trauma of war. It’s 100 pages magnificently illustrated with specific and compelling truths to help those who have suffered the violence of war come home and prepare for a time of true healing from the true healer.

Pastor Johnson says, “by reading it yourself, you will appreciate the hell they faced for us. Hopefully, you will understand their long-term exposure to hatred, the psychological beatings they’ve endured, their devastation over the loss of comrades, and much more. But most of all, you, like them, will know the precise steps to healing, for only God can reach the soul of a Soldier making “old things pass away and all things to become new.” Consider gifting this book to a combat veteran in your life. 

Pastor Johnson has over 300 teaching videos available on his website and his YouTube channel. His teachings are known for being tough with truth but gentle with people. He has spent most of his life developing “Life Management Systems” for individuals from many walks of life.  He believes that life lived properly can only be done when we understand the Creator has made us with divine intention and purpose. No matter what challenging, hurtful or difficult circumstances we may have faced, no matter how many poor choices we’ve made, everyone has the potential to experience and achieve a higher purpose. As a result, our more than 300 teaching segments have been viewed globally more than 1.9 million times and counting. He now teaches at King of Kings Christian Church. The goal of this ministry is to provide a practical and relevant application of Biblical teaching in a way that can be received without cost by anyone around the globe.

David is married to Judith, a gifted interior designer, he has two grown daughters and six grandchildren all of whom he loves dearly.  For more information go to his website at https://nothingbutthetruth.org


Our first guests are Dr. Pamela Habib; Head of US Medical Affairs, Bayer Radiology. Joining Dr. Habib is Dr. David Schacht; Breast Radiologist at Northwestern’s Lynne Sage Breast Center at Prentice Women’s Hospital will shine a light on what women need to know about dense breasts, how breast density is detected, and a recent survey and its impact on breast cancer risk and future breast screenings.

 Dr. Pamela Habib leads the US Medical Affairs team at Bayer Radiology and oversees engagement with healthcare professionals, communication of scientific data, and various educational and research initiatives. Dr. Habib is a Breast Radiologist, who completed her breast imaging fellowship at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital. In clinical practice, she focused on mammography, MRI, ultrasound, and breast interventional procedures.

Dr. David Schacht is a breast radiologist at Northwestern’s Lynne Sage Breast Center at Prentice Women’s Hospital.  He has been an attending physician both at Northwestern and the University of Chicago.  He obtained his undergraduate, medical, and public health degrees all from Northwestern, before pursuing his radiology residency and breast imaging fellowship at the University of Chicago. His academic interests include understanding new uses of MRI to detect breast cancer and using case-based learning to improve radiologists’ performance. For more information please visit: radiologyresources.bayer.com/dense-breast-resources

 Our second guest is Zachary Bohart, MD, is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation who focuses on orthopedic electrodiagnostic and comprehensive Spasticity management. Today he will discuss Post-Stroke Spasticity as May is Stroke Awareness Month. He will tell us how to recognize symptoms and understand the treatment options.  Dr. Bohart treats patients with Spasticity from strokes, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and brain injuries. Dr. Bohart has created an Adult Spasticity clinic at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA, where he trains the physiatry residents, and he has also treated this patient population at rehabilitation hospitals in the Boston area. Dr. Bohart has been named one of Boston Magazine’s Top Doctors several years in a row and lectures residents and junior attendings around the country on the topic of comprehensive Spasticity management. For more information and to find a Spasticity specialist, visit Don’t Take Spasticity or www.stroke.com

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