Fairfax Radio 5-9-2023

Our first guest is John Czingula, author of  “From Utopia to The American Dream by John Czigula From Utopia to the American Dream.” It is the story of a Hungarian immigrant who finds success in America. This book is deeply personal and captivating, as readers are led through John’s life from his childhood in Hungary to adulthood in America. John leaves a legacy of many careers, but most importantly, he will be known for his journey and the mindset that led him to the American Dream.

John is an actor, writer, producer, aviator, sailor, and avid skier. Born Janos Czingula, he was raised in Debrecen, Hungary, during World War II. After surviving the Russian and German occupation of his home country and the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, John immigrated to America in 1957. He pursued his lifelong dreams with this new start, traveling throughout the States, experimenting with acting and entrepreneurship, and starting a family. While in America, he started over twenty businesses, ranging from parking lot leasing to solar-thermal energy plants. “From Utopia to the American Dream,” is the autobiographical journey of John’s life and how he went from survival in communist Hungary to embracing the American dream. You can purchase the book is Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Indeed, Executive Vice President, Raj MukherjeeOur second guest today is Raj Mukherjee, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Employer at Indeed. As part of the company’s evolution, Indeed is leading an industry shift by introducing its new Pay for Results pricing structure. Rather than asking employers to pay for clicks that don’t translate into applications, Indeed is giving them a tailored approach to hiring that fits their needs and budget, only paying for each application or each started application.

Mr. Mukherjee will discuss the following: The current status of hiring today and current challenges that hiring managers face, with key findings from a survey that showcases the market need for a comprehensive hiring and matching platform. The role that technology plays in shaping the future of hiring. And last, the benefits of using a platform that manages the entire hiring process, from job posting to candidate screening to interviews and offers. The benefits of using a platform that manages the entire hiring process, from job posting to candidate screening to interviews and offers. For more information, visit www.indeed.com.


Dr. Fredrick Van Goor is Vice President, Cystic Fibrosis Research and Head of Cystic Fibrosis Research Program for Vertex PharmaceuticalsOur third guest is Fredrick Van Goor, Ph.D., Vice President, Cystic Fibrosis Research and Head of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Program for Vertex Pharmaceuticals. During Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, Dr. Goor will discuss the latest treatment advances for Cystic Fibrosis and the life expectancy for someone that has Cystic Fibrosis.  In this role, he works with the CF Disease Area Team to drive the company’s research, clinical, regulatory, and commercial strategy and execution.

Dr. Van Goor led the biology effort for the team that discovered and developed Kalydeco, Orkambi, Symdeko, and Trikafta – Vertex’s four approved small molecule medicines that treat the underlying cause of disease in up to 90% of people with CF.  Currently, he is leading Vertex’s collaboration with Moderna to discover novel CFTR mRNA therapies for the treatment of CF. To date, the collaboration has led to the discovery of VX-522, which is in early-stage clinical studies in people with CF.  For his contributions to CF drug discovery, Dr. Van Goor has been awarded the Wiley Prize (2023), Boomer Esiason Foundation Jerry Cahill Legacy Award (2019), Respiratory Innovation Award (2018), and Doris F. Tulcin Research Award for outstanding accomplishments in CF research (2013). Dr. Van Goor has over 20 US patents in the areas of CF and technology development and has published six book chapters in the areas of CF. For more information, visit www.vrtx.com/en-us/patients/cystic-fibrosis.

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