Fairfax Radio 6-20-2023

Sonia AminOur first guest today is Sonia Amin is a wife, mother, pharmacist, and a Children’s bookBax and Bubbles author. She loves encouraging others with her words, hugs, and prayers. She lives in Florida with her husband and two kids and considers herself a professional snuggler to each of them. Inspired by the books she enjoys reading with her kids, she has fulfilled her dream of writing one herself.

Today she discusses why she became an author and talks about her two books “Bax and Bubbles,” and “When Love Flows.” She offers a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy method to help kids foster healthy thinking habits.  Her note to grownups is this, “One of the most important gifts you can give the children in your life is helping them understand the power of their thoughts.” The book, “Bax and his Bubbles,” is about a kid and his thoughts. The book is for  Ages 4 to 8.

Her second book, “When Love FlowsWhen Love Flows,” helps children understand the power of an encouraging word. It is an inspiring story of how our encouraging words and thoughtful actions can make a difference in the lives of people around us. Children will be inspired to write simple notes of encouragement and to use their words to build up, help, and be kind in their daily interactions. They’ll know they are not too young to show appreciation and share their love with the people in their life. The book is perfect for ages 6–10.

Both books are perfect for your home library and make wonderful gifts. Grab your copy today!  The author invites you to purchase her books by visiting her website, www.soniaeamin.com. You can also purchase her books on Amazon.

Lori WildenbergOur next guest is Lori  Wildenberg, a licensed parent-family educator, award-winning author, podcaster, National speaker, and co-founder of 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting. She is passionate about helping families build connections that last a lifetime. She meets moms and dads where they are with her warmth, transparency, humor, and straightforward, faith-filled approach. She’s the lead Mentor Mom at the Moms Together Facebook Community Page and group and has authored or co-authored six books. Messy Hope- Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation by Lori WildenbergShe will discuss her book, “Messy Hope: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation.”

In addition to Messy Hope: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation, Lori has written six other books, including, Messy Hope: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation, The Messy Life Of Parenting: Powerful and Practical Ways to Strengthen Family Connections and Messy Journey: How Grace and Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home are her most recently published books. She writes for several online magazines, including Focus on the Family, MomLife Today, Crosswalk.com, ChristianParenting.org, Just Between Us, Life Letter Cafe, and Her View from Home. She has spoken in Oregon, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Alabama, Kansas, Wyoming, Florida, California, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado and is an AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) member. The Wildenberg home is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. A perfect day in Lori’s world is a hike with her Tom (her hubby) and their growing family! For more information on Lori, visit her website, loriwildenberg.com.

Tom Kraeutler, Money Pit guruOur last guest is Tom Kraeutler, a home improvement authority, author, and broadcast journalist. Kraeutler co-hosts the nationally syndicated The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show, broadcast on over 335 stations every weekend, reaching an audience of over 3 million listeners. Today he will discuss; keeping your home cool, dry, and safe inside while the storms rage outside.

Summer heat and storms can be unforgiving, but it’s not too late to invest in your home that will keep the weather out and energy in.  Whether your audience needs seasonal maintenance tips, DIY projects, or ideas on which investments provide the best ROI, the Money Pit team can help during this vital home fix-up period. Home Improvement Expert Tom Kraeutler will bring us up to speed on the latest trends and upgrades, emphasizing energy saving, weather protection, and home safety. For more information, visit, www.moneypit.com.


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