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JAuthor, im HarmanWe are thrilled to have the esteemed author Jim Harman as our first guest today as we delve into his newly released book, “The Final Countdown.” In collaboration with Dr. Christian Widener, a biblical scholar, and engineer, Harman shares their unique perspective on the prophecies of end times found in the book of Daniel, presented in a way that anyone can understand.

In “The Final Countdown, by Jim HarmanThe Final Countdown,” Harman reveals a remarkable discovery that had been overlooked by many—a hidden decree in Daniel’s prophecy that sheds light on when Jesus might return. This revelation, made possible by Dr. Widener’s incredible work, has effectively unsealed the secrets of the book of Daniel. Harman expresses his gratitude for Dr. Widener’s contribution and emphasizes that this book aims to prepare the end-time Church for the coming days.

“My goal,” he explains, “is to help prepare the bride for the bridegroom,” underscoring his belief that much of the church is unprepared for the events ahead.

Jim is not alone in his beliefs, as countless Christians worldwide believe that current geopolitical events in Jerusalem and elsewhere could be indicative of the beginning of the end times. They particularly point to President Donald J. Trump’s Peace to Prosperity Plan and the establishment of the Abraham Accords in 2020 as potential factors setting in motion the final peace initiative mentioned by the Prophet Daniel.

Additionally, research on the Temple Mount has revealed the precise location of the temple, near the Dome of the Rock Mosque but beside it, not underneath. This revelation is crucial in the end times timeline, drawing heavily from Chapter 7 of Daniel, an Old Testament book of prophecy.

Jim Harman’s dedication to the study of the book of Daniel, as he believes it holds the ultimate key to the Second Coming, spans several years. His work in “The Final Countdown” serves to enlighten and engage readers, encouraging them to reflect on the prophetic messages and prepare for the future events predicted in the scriptures. His book is available at many outlets including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Brad Minns, renown tennis player and body builderOur second guest is Brad Minns, a renowned Tennis Star who has not only played at the World level but has also ventured into bodybuilding. Brad’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and we can’t wait to delve into his extraordinary achievements.

In 1995, Brad Minns achieved a monumental feat by winning the P.A.S. Experimental and Applied Sciences nutritional supplement transformation contest, which is now famously known as Body-for-Life. His dedication and passion for fitness have made him a national spokesperson for the competition.

But Brad’s inspiring storyNever Give Up movie poster doesn’t end there. In 1985, at the age of twenty, he participated in the Men’s Singles Tennis Finals at the World Games for the Deaf. In an unforgettable match that lasted a grueling five hours, Brad displayed sheer determination and resilience. He fought back from match point in the third set to ultimately clinch the Gold medal in the fifth set. This match, described by writer/director Rob Loos as one for the ages, symbolizes Brad’s ability to conquer immense challenges and embrace life to the fullest.

Brad Minns’ journey has been a testament to his incredible willpower and drive to succeed. Despite losing his hearing at the tender age of 3, his parents refused to let him be defined by his disability. Instead, they instilled in him the belief that he could live a normal life. With unwavering support from his family and his faith in God, Brad pursued a public school education and discovered his passion for sports and competition. This determination paved the way for him to become a champion in both tennis and bodybuilding.

In fact, Brad’s life story is so awe-inspiring that a new movie about his experiences is set to be released on September 1st, titled “Never Give Up.” This powerful feature-length drama, directed by Rob Loos and produced by our other guest, Rick Eldridge, delves into one of the most remarkable tennis matches in history and showcases one of the greatest comebacks in the world of sports.

Rick Eldridge, producer of the movie "Never Give Up."Speaking of Rick Eldridge, he is the esteemed executive producer of “Never Give Up,” he brings over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry to the table. From being a musician, producer, and director to an accomplished entrepreneur, Rick knows how to make projects come to life. His illustrious career includes collaborations with industry giants such as Universal, Disney, and ESPN, among others.

Together, Rob Loos, Rick Eldridge, and the talented team at ReelWorks Studios have crafted a film that is set to inspire audiences across the nation. “Never Give Up” promises to be a captivating cinematic experience that celebrates the human spirit and the determination to overcome all odds.

Make sure to mark your calendars for September 1st, as “Never Give Up” hits select theaters nationwide. And don’t forget to visit Brad Minns’ website at BradMinns.com to learn more about this exceptional individual.

Tune in as we delve deeper into the extraordinary journey of Brad Minns and the making of “Never Give Up.” This is a radio show you won’t want to miss! View the trailer here.

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