Fairfax Radio 8/03/2021 8:00 AM Drivetime

Our guest is Mike Lindell, inventor, and CEO of MyPillow and FrankSpeech, and Mike will be discussing The Cyber Symposium August 10-12th, 2021, live-streamed non-stop 72 hours on FrankSpeech.Com.  You can watch it online on FrankSpeec.com to find    Mike will reveal the cipher data and the packet captures from the November 2020 Election.

Mike is best known as the inventor and CEO of MyPillow, although his notoriety as someone radically freed from the power of addiction is beginning to exceed even his MyPillow fame. His deep enthusiasm and heart for helping people recover from addictions are what have inspired him to launch the Lindell Recovery Network. The LRN is an amazing platform that will help millions of people find recovery and Jesus through help, hope, and mentorship.

Through the power of prayer, Mike was radically freed from a serious crack cocaine addiction over ten years ago, and his journey from struggling entrepreneur to CEO of a multi-million-dollar company is nothing short of miraculous. Mike often describes the one-in-a-million events that have marked his pathway as just that – miracles.

Mike has a special knack for treating each of his employees as though they’re the most important person on earth, and that interpersonal gift spills over into all areas of his life. That includes his most important call: to help people get set free from addiction and find Jesus. Mike knew MyPillow was just a platform for God, and he has followed his calling to help bring people to Jesus and help give addicts hope so they can overcome their addictions.

Mike’s goal with the Lindell Recovery Network is to help millions of addicts get their hearts restored and set free from addiction, as well as to provide tens of thousands of jobs for them – and above all, to help them find freedom in Jesus. For more information go to:FrankSpeech.com and you can also check out the Specials on Mypillow.com

Our second guest is Paula BirdPaula Bird, VP of Behavioral Health Services at Novant Health, who addresses what it will take to expand access to mental and behavioral healthcare in North Carolina. North Carolina is facing an urgent behavioral and mental health emergency, as COVID-19 drives demand for mental health services past the state’s current capabilities – more than 450,000 adults and young adults in North Carolina have a serious mental illness, and an additional 500,000 adults and 141,000 young adults have a substance abuse disorder. Many of these people with mental health disorders go untreated, some attempting or committing suicide, even while mental disorders are common and effective treatment exists.  For more information, visit: nchealthcare.org

Angel GreenAngel Green is the Sr. Tourism Sales & Marketing Manager for the Chickasaw Nation Department of Tourism. Angel Green, will discuss why now is the best time to visit Chickasaw Country, Oklahoma. She’ll share what to expect, how to plan, and tips to exploring the most highly-visited areas, like Turner Falls Park and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, as well as ideas for more serene post-pandemic escapes. She’ll also talk about how her favorite vacation destination has something for everyone, including collections of Western and First Nations art, floating cabins, and even a dinosaur roadside ranch. For more information go to https://www.chickasaw.net/

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