Fairfax Radio -8:00 AM ET 2/16/2021

Our guest today is Nadja Piatka, CEO of Holista Foods, she is a Food Enthusiast, a Celebrity Cook, a Speaker, and Author, and a Healthy Glycemic Index Advocate. She discusses how she created her company and why she has such a passion for healthy food products.  Nadja was an unemployable single mother, she baked muffins and brownies in her kitchen and tested them on her two teenage children. Soon after, she was selling homemade goods to local coffee shops. As her customer base grew, she commissioned a local bakery to outsource and deliver her products. Her business grew from a $100 investment that started from her kitchen to an international supplier to the global food industry.

Nadja’s reputation for producing great tasting healthy food resulted in the creation of innovative successful branded and private label products for Sodexo, Schools, Grocery Retail, Healthcare and leading fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Subway and Tim Hortons. The healthy cranberry/orange muffin she created in her kitchen is still on the McDonald’s Canada menu 25 plus years later! ​For more information or to order her products go to:https://www.holistafoods.com/

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