Fairfax Radio 9-06-2022

Brian FergusonOur first guest today is Brian Ferguson, serving Pilot Company as the chief merchant. He oversees retail merchandising, food and beverage, brand, marketing, and driving inside sales. Brian develops merchandising and marketing strategies that resonate strongly with guests and customers. Today he will discuss Labor Day weekend, which signals the end of summer vacation. Kids are heading back to school, and many families are looking to squeeze in one last, memorable road trip.  Road travel has reached record levels despite rising costs during recent summer holidays. But, with some careful planning and a sense of adventure, our guest says a long weekend getaway can be less stressful and more enjoyable here with some insider tips and cost-saving advice for last-minute travelers. For more information and how to join the Pilot, Flying J Rewards program, go to www.PilotFlyingJ.com/Rewards

Our second guest is Daniel Paden the vice president of evidence analysis for the investigative division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He works closely with PETA’s undercover investigators to document the conditions and treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, on factory farms, in circuses, laboratories, and the pet trade industry. Daniel will discuss the PETA investigation recently that led to the rescue of 4,000 beagles bred for experiments, and he will also share the inspiring story of a dog named Samson, an 8-year-old beagle, Samson was used as a breeding machine. Samson had no home, family, bed, or toys—nothing that a dog values. Envigo workers didn’t even bother to move him when they washed out his cage with a high-pressure hose, leaving him soaking wet. But, thanks to a PETA investigator who worked undercover at the facility, Samson became the first dog to be released from that prison-like existence. He quickly started enjoying many other “firsts”—his first comfortable bed, his first walk on grass, his first time playing with a toy, and his first moments of peace and quiet with a family that loved him. When he was released, Samson needed urgent care for an ear infection and over a dozen diseased teeth. He sometimes wakes up barking from vivid dreams, but he’s healing physically and emotionally while finally enjoying being a dog. survival that shines a spotlight on Laboratory practices. For more information, please visit: www.PETA.org

Our third guest is Jane Jenkins Herlong, an international best-selling author, professional singer, recording artist, and Southern humorist whose comedy is heard on SiriusXM radio. She is the author of five books, including her latest book “Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep Fried South.” Southern humorist Jane Jenkins Herlong brings joy and humor with her 50 unusual-but-true faith-filled stories of growing up in the South Carolina low country. Whether you love Southern ways of life or find their ways strange and amusing, you’ll be entertained and inspired by warm Southern-fried humor and tried-and-true tips for attaining the best version of yourself. Jane’s 50 stories address specific landmark events and issues in a woman’s life, such as fitting into the covered-dish church culture, sacred sisterhood, sassy seasoned Southern women and why we are drawn to beauty pageant competition, and much more! Jane is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, A former Miss America Contestant. Jane crisscrosses the country sharing her unique brand of sweet tea wisdom and Southern-fried humor. You will love her new book! For more information, go to readelysian.com/jane-jenkins-herlong-2/.

Our last guests are Dr. Ian Giammanco, the Senior Director for Standards & Data Analytics and a Lead Research Meteorologist at the IBHS Research Center in Richburg, South Carolina. Joining Dr. Giammanco is Michael Richmond-Crum, Director of Personal Lines & Counsel at APICA, the Senior Director for Standards & Data Analytics, and a Lead Research Meteorologist at the IBHS Research Center in Richburg, South Carolina.

Today’s topic is easy, low-cost ways homeowners can prepare for hurricane season this year. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th, the peak of the season is upon us. A combination of wind and wind-driven rain from a hurricane can cause major damage to a home. Much of the property damage associated with hurricanes occurs after the windstorm when rain enters structures through broken windows, doors, or openings in the roof. He will also explain why it’s important for homeowners to be prepared in advance to help reduce property damage. Dr. Ian Giammanco Ian holds a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in Atmospheric Science and Wind Science and Engineering, respectively. He has nearly two decades of meteorological field research experience and is the principal investigator and field coordinator for the IBHS Characteristics of Hailstorms annual field research campaign.

Michael Richmond-Crum, Director of Personal Lines & Counsel at APICA, will discuss the importance of reviewing and updating your insurance coverage to keep pace with high inflation and rising building costs. He will also provide tips on what homeowners should talk to their insurers about to ensure they have the right amount and insurance coverage. Mike is an expert in property, fraud, and natural catastrophe-related insurance issues. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from American University, as well as a J.D. from Willamette University. For more information, go to www.disastersafety.org.