Fairfax Radio 9/21/2021 8:00 AM

Bew White and WifeOur first guest is Bew White III, CEO of Summer Classics, he will be discussing his biography Summer Classics: The Bew White Story by Christopher Taunton. What does it mean to live a truly substantial life? Can you look at the sum of your successes and failures and say that they were a job well done? A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story explores these questions and more through a biographical examination of the life of William Bew White III, the founder of Summer Classics, a premier manufacturer of “modern outdoor furniture crafted for a lifetime of livable luxury.”

At just 28 years old, Mr. White left his job at his family-owned business, Avondale Mills, and started a sales representative company in 1978 called Vista Corporation, specializing in selling outdoor furniture. In 1987, Bew started multiple companies in an effort to expand from selling on the road to building a national brand. One of those companies was Summer Classics, which was created around Bew’s thought of designing and manufacturing products that he would want for his own backyard. With a business model based on creating products that were consumer-driven, would stand the test of time, and would not go out of style, Summer Classics officially took off in 1987. Born in 1950 in Birmingham, Alabama to William Bew White II and Gabriella Corner White, Bew is the great-grandson of Braxton Bragg Corner, governor and then senator for Alabama, as well as the founder of the Alabama-based Fortune 500 textile company Avondale Mills. For more information go to: https://www.summerclassicshome.com/bew-white

Our next guest is Dr. Scott Curry, Assistant Professor and Associate Hospital Epidemiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, he will share factual information regarding the Delta variant and COVID-19 vaccines in your community. He will also discuss the availability of vaccinations in your area as well as potential risks and benefits, efficacy, and current safety information. For more information please visit: https://www.vaccines.gov/

Our third guest is Dr. Michael Forbes, Pediatric & Adolescent Intensive Care Specialist and the Director of PICU Clinical Research & Outcomes Analysis at Akron Children’s Hospital will be available to provide important details on what parents need to know about RSV, including which kids are at highest risk and how it can be prevented. His topic is RSV Has Been Spreading in Unprecedented Levels This Summer.

RSV is a common, highly contagious seasonal virus that is contracted by nearly all infants by the age of 2. RSV infections occur primarily throughout the fall and winter, during cold and flu season. However, since late March, there has been an increase in RSV cases throughout the southern U.S., including in AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NM, NC, OK, SC, TN, and TX. This unseasonable rise in caseload has the CDC alerting health care providers and caregivers to broaden their testing for the disease.

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