Fairfax Radio Channel 37 6/30/2020

Our first guest is Dr. Mark Johnson the author of Covenant Relationship Series. Today he discusses his second in the series “The Covenant of Marriage”. this book contrasts the outcome of our culture’s approach to love, intimacy, and Marriage with God’s plan. God has a detailed plan to build the best Marriages, ones which fulfill the deepest desires of our hearts. This plan instructs us on how to treat each other so as to build the strongest hearts toward each other, but there is far more. God has built mechanisms within us, as well as drives and desires, which His plan coordinates into an effective approach to produce mutual growth and transformation in the context of a safe, supportive relationship. God’s plan is designed to develop people capable of loving for a lifetime across through all the challenges of family life. You can purchase his book on Amazon or fine book stores. For more information go to his website at https://www.markjohnsonmdauthor.com/


Our second guest is Mark Shaw, the President of Skipkenny BBQ, a producer of Texas BBQ Sauces, Marinades, and Dry Rub located in New Braunfels Texas. Originally educated in the field of engineering and then changing to a career in Occupational Therapy with children, Mark continues to have a passion for creating recipes for Skipkenny BBQ. When not practicing Occupational Therapy, Mark will be found at the BBQ Pit perfecting his skills toward a true Pit Master.

The product line began with his Award-Winning Whiskey BBQ Sauce and has grown to three BBQ sauces, two marinades including a mustard and a Texas BBQ Rub!!
Shaw’s products, Whiskey BBQ Sauce started it all! Their products are produced with the highest quality ingredients as real whiskey and real habanero instead of extracts or flavorings. The sweetness comes from honey and brown sugar which means no corn syrup!!

With three BBQ Sauces, two Marinades, and a Dry Rub under his belt, Mark is moving forward toward new recipes for dry rubs and dressings to grow Skipkenny BBQ product line. For more information or to order go to www.skipkennybbq.com

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