Fairfax Radio Channel 37 7/21/2020

Dr. Gerald Blumenthal is our guest today, he has appeared on our radio and television shows for many years. He is a global entrepreneur, mechanical engineer, industrial psychologist, author of five books, international speaker, and business mentor. He began his entrepreneurial career in 1970 in the country of South Africa.

In the early 1980s, Blumenthal moved from South Africa to America, settling down his home and business in Houston. In 1987, he launched ESP (Evaluation Systems for Personnel) Shop, a secret shopper service with more than 600,000 shoppers and used in more than 6.5 million businesses across the country. Through Blumenthal’s foresight, the concept of Mystery Shopping was born.

Dr. Blumenthal, while establishing several thriving companies, speaking on the international circuit, and providing valuable insight for businesses, he has written four fiction novels and one nonfiction book. His fiction novels include the thrillers The Monkey Trial: Judgment DayThe Brass CompassLauren: Adventures of a Teenage Detective, and Lauren II: Adventures of a Teenage Detective. His lone nonfiction piece is the engaging and incredibly alluring Serial Killers: Their Lives, Their Crimes, and Their Handwriting.  You can Purchase his books on Amazon and through his website and for more information on Dr. Blumenthal go to his website at:  https://www.drgeraldblumenthal.com/

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