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Our first guest is Michael Mealey, a Master and Stylist on the Great Clips Design Team. He is a stylist who has worked in salons since 2010, when he joined the Great Clips brand. Today he will share some tips to give us and our hair a big boost in 2021.

Michael brings significant technical expertise to his work in a franchisee-owned salon in Ohio and to his role as a Great Clips Design Team Master. As a Design Team Master, he provides live demonstrations and educational content to stylists and cosmetology students in-person and online, serves as a brand ambassador at industry events, and as a judge at national student stylist and barber competitions.  For more information go to Greatclips.com


Our second guest is New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Elyse Love, she will share her tips for taking back control of our skin and providing the relief skin needs this winter, whether dealing with irritations caused by necessary mask wearing or the increased dryness caused by harsh soaps and hand sanitizers. Dr. Love has a clinical and research interest in the quality of life impact of dermatologic conditions and methods to modernize the dermatology visit. Dr. Love has a holistic approach to skin wellness that includes fitness and diet. She has completed the NYC marathon twice and is a fitness enthusiast. For more information go to: https://glamderm.com/elyse-m-love-md


Our last guest is Neil Wu Becker Chief Marketing Officer at Behavox he will discuss why working from home used to be considered a luxury. No commute, pajamas all day, knowing your lunch was safe in the fridge – it was life at its best.  But, as the pandemic has dragged on and countless workers are approaching a one-year anniversary in their home offices, the “new normal” seems to be taking its toll.  Now, home is where the stress is, driving remote workers to their limits – and putting their companies at risk, as it only takes the misconduct of one remote employee who thinks “nobody is watching me” to cause millions of dollars in fines that puts a company out of business.  In fact, one new study shows some unexpected and shockingly negative behaviors that have come from “living at work.”  Neil Wu Becker with Behavox is joining us this morning to explain.

 Neil Wu Becker with Behavox is an award-winning, high-energy global Marketing leader with a penchant for establishing major-league marketing teams and devising strategic, creative integrated marketing plans to accelerate demand/pipeline for fast-growing tech companies. Proven management background in B2B enterprise marketing for pre-IPO, unicorn, SaaS, and public companies seeking to grow at scale. For more information go to https://www.behavox.com/

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