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Our guest today is Suzanne Livingston, Director of the IBM Food Trust Network .She discusses IBM’s Technology that Promotes Food Safety, and Reduces Food Waste, and Revolutionizes the Supply Chain. In honor of World Food Safety Day, you will learn how new technologies are revolutionizing the food supply chain and what companies are joining the Food Trust to provide transparency to consumers and producers.  For more information go to: https://www. linkedin.com/in/suziel/


As parts of the country begin to open back up and Americans continue to spend more time outdoors, the Britt Wood, CEO of the  National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is here to help homeowners and businesses address their landscape needs. Landscape & Lawn Care Professionals – An Essential Industry That Continues to Keep Greenspaces Healthy Throughout The Nation’s Challenging Times.

He will further discuss:   Maintaining the nation’s green infrastructure – why the essential demand for lawn care for homeowners and businesses has been strong this year.        The ways a healthy green space benefits the environment, the community and our health and finally there are thousands of new jobs available and how to find career opportunities within the industry.  For more information go to: https://www.loveyourlandscape.org/


Ritika Gunnar, Data and AI Expert Labs and Learning, IBM she discusses: that IBM  announced its annual list of Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence, which recognizes and celebrates women for leading change and driving innovation through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to advance their companies in areas such as customer service, advertising, retail, and others. The announcement will come during IBM’s annual conference, that is taking place virtually this year, THINK Digital.

“Women Leaders in AI” is an important step in creating more gender equality in technology. She leads the 1000+ person IBM AI and Data team that enables the company’s clients to adopt, deploy and be successful with AI. Today, IBM has more than 30,000 Watson client engagements across 20 different industries.

 By shining a light on these women and their work, IBM hopes to not only inspire and energize others to adopt AI to make a true difference in their organizations, but also share that when businesses incorporate diversity into their leadership and technological development teams, better innovations and outcomes are created for employees, clients and society. For more information please visit: http://ibm.com/watson/women-leaders-in-ai

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