Anthony F. Bruce, CPAAnthony F. Bruce, CPA, is our guest today and our expert on “Let’s Just Talk.” Today he discusses how he started his successful CPA business and how to start your own business, the important steps to make it successful, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, A Business Plan to be successful, Business Taxation, Individual Taxation, and Financial Forecasting. His Specialties are Tax Planning, Advisory and Management, and Financial Management, including CFO and Accounting.

Mr. Bruce started his business at 20, creating his own PC business and helping small businesses automate accounting and finance. He always loved the idea that he could make or create something of value for someone in return if they paid him. After finishing a Computer Science degree (he also loves tech & software engineering) at Temple, he attended Rutgers and obtained an MBA in Finance. Mr. Bruce says, “We are more than “just” accountants- stressing an experience that fuels your growth. “As you grow, you will require a resource to help manage cash flow, reduce taxes, and integrate the financial resources of your network.” It’s so important that you hire someone who truly knows your business. For more information, go to www.afbrcpa.com or contact Mr. Bruce at afb@afbcpa.com

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