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Verizon Frontline President, Maggie Hallbach

Maggie HallbachOur first guest is Maggie Hallbach, the President of Verizon Frontline, the advanced network built for first responders on the front lines and the #1 network choice in public safety. She is also the Senior Vice President of Public Sector at Verizon, leading the team of professionals dedicated to partnering with Verizon’s federal, state, local, education, and public safety customers to deliver innovative technology solutions and services.

She joins us today to discuss Verizon Frontline’s decades-long support of first responders and the role technology plays in their ability to do their jobs both safely and effectively. She will also discuss National First Responders Day, which was on October 28th. They honor Emergency workers like paramedics, Firefighters, EMT, and Police.

Over her 25 years at Verizon, Hallbach served in a variety of executive and leadership roles, most recently as Verizon Public Sector’s vice president of business development and strategic sales, where she was focused on developing, designing, and capturing strategic opportunities. Hallbach also led the team responsible for strategic sales initiatives, including the alignment of sales priorities to the overall Verizon Public Sector strategy. During her tenure at Verizon, Hallbach has been focused on delivering customer experience enhancements and building high performing teams. This has included leadership of Verizon’s Lean Six Sigma efforts to drive ongoing business transformation and process improvement across Verizon Business. She also served as vice president of the state, local and education markets for Verizon where she led teams responsible for developing solutions to address the increasingly complex requirements of state and local governments, public safety and education clients. For more information go to Verizon.com

Law Enforcement Veteran Discusses FDA’s Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Neill FranklinOur second guest is Neill Franklin, a 34-year Law Enforcement Veteran of the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department. Today he will discuss the FDA’s proposed ban on menthol cigarettes has prompted serious criminal justice concerns due to its potential to disproportionately impact communities of color. This prohibition-based approach could exacerbate negative interactions with law enforcement, raise incarceration rates, and further burden justice systems in all 50 states. This is a public health issue, not a law enforcement issue.

The proposed ban fails to consider alternative, evidence-based solutions such as consumer education and community-based healthcare initiatives, which have proven effective in reducing overall smoking rates without resorting to criminalization. It also fails to take into account the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2002-2020 which shows cigarette smoking, menthol cigarette smoking, and underage menthol smoking are at all-time lows.


Michael Jefferies Talks About Shared Values in Political Parties

Michael JefferiesOur last guest is Michael Jefferies Regional Coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, will talk about how both Republicans and Democrats need to build on shared values to tackle the climate change crisis.  Climate change denial could alienate young conservatives. Most Republican voters under 35 agree that climate change is having a serious impact and say Republican leaders should stop shying away from serious challenges. While there has been some productive discussion on climate change, particularly around how China and India need to follow America’s lead in cutting carbon emissions, concrete solutions remain wanting in the conversation.  As the Regional Coordinator for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) focuses on recruiting conservative or right-of-center volunteers in the Great Lakes and Appalachia.

He was recently named Vice Chair of the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans. Prior to his role at CCL, Michael worked for a political consulting firm where he coordinated political campaigns and coordinated legislative affairs. Michael graduated from Marian University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Theology. A native Hoosier. For more information go to https://citizensclimatelobby.org.

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