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Amy Joy Hess Talks about her Book, “Gun Shot Witness: The Tim Remington Story”

Scientist and author, Amy Joy HessAmy Joy Hess is our special guest, and she will share the true story of Pastor Tim Remington, who was shot six times by a man who thought he was stopping an alien from Mars. Amy Joy recounts his miraculous survival story, his ultimate return to his church, and the people whose lives he impacted in her new book, “Gun Shot Witness: The Tim Remington Story.” Amy Joy is a research writer and chemist from Wallace, Idaho. She has written nearly a thousand articles related to the Bible, science, technology, international politics, and current events and has ghostwritten more than 30 books. Additionally, she is the author of a series called Science & Wonders, which follows her time as a science student at university. She is passionate about her faith and how God has made an impact on her life. Amy Joy is married with three biological children, an adopted son, and nine stepchildren.

Pastor Tim Remington

Pastor Tim Remington“Gun Shot Witness: The Tim Remington StoryShot Gun Witness: The Tim Remington story by author Amy Joy Hess. A true story. On March 6, 2016, Pastor Tim Remington was shot six times at close range with .45 hollow points by a man who thought he was stopping an alien from Mars. Five bullets sheered through Tim’s torso, nicking one lung and just missing his colon, his kidneys, and his liver. First responders found a flattened bullet in Tim’s pocket, where it landed after piercing Tim’s jacket on course for his heart. The sixth bullet blew through his arm and slammed into his head, halting right at the lining of his brain. His blood poured over the pavement as though he were a pitcher that had tipped, but Tim survived. The love and mercy of God had long been evident in Tim’s life – and his church full of ‘misfits’ – but Tim’s remarkable survival shouted that love to the world in an obvious, visible way. The shooting of Pastor Tim Remington raised a question that required investigation. Why this particular pastor? What about Tim made him a prime target? Why did Satan so badly want him dead? After being shot, Pastor Tim survived blood loss, multiple surgeries, a saddle clot, an infection, and a stroke. He made an incredible recovery, and it only spurred on his belief that God still works miracles.”

Tim Remington and his wife, Cindy, founded Cataldo Lighthouse Ministries, a church that welcomed drug addicts and victims of abuse and offered them a second chance at life. In addition to Tim’s story, “Gun Shot Witness” highlights a few of the people who overcame their hardships with the help of the church. It also dives into the psychology behind Tim’s attacker, Kyle Odom, who was struggling mentally and spiritually. “The impact of Tim’s and Cindy’s lives and ministry is a testimony to the power that God’s ongoing miracles continue to create. This luminous book provides much-needed optimism, a ray of hope that despite the trials of our times, spiritual support is present and accessible.” Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer, 5-Stars

Dr. Mark Fesler Discusses DLBCL

Dr. Mark FeslerOur next guest is Mark Fesler, M.D., a hematologist at St. Luke’s Center for Cancer Care, he will discuss common symptoms and treatment options for newly diagnosed DLBCL and share what this FDA approval has meant for his patients and what it could mean for others facing this aggressive blood cancer. Did you know by the end of this year, approximately 31,000 people across the country will have been diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), the most common form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) in the United States.1 2 Since 2006, there has been limited therapeutic progress made in individuals with previously untreated DLBCL.

Many people with DLBCL respond to initial treatment, but about four in 10 people will see their cancer either relapse, usually within two years, or not respond to initial treatment at all.3 The best chance of preventing relapse in people with DLBCL is to begin treating them with effective and tolerable therapy at the time they are diagnosed, as subsequent therapies expose them to additional side effects.4  This year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a therapy as a first treatment for adults with certain types of previously untreated DLBCL. This represents an important milestone that may improve outcomes for patients newly diagnosed with this fast-growing blood cancer and reduce some of the burdens associated with disease progression – both for patients and for the U.S. healthcare system.

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