The Black and White Network 3-22-2023

Dan Perkins Today’s guest is Dan Perkins, Author, Radio and TV Personality, Political Commentator, co-host, and Producer of Black and White Network. Today he will discuss the topic, “Who is in charge?” President Joe Biden told the American people that shortly after the U.S. military shot down a Chinese spy balloon, he gave the order to shoot it down on the previous Wednesday but that the military officials waited until Saturday to do so.” We need to look at the recent events, the actions of the military leadership, and their disagreement with President Biden on the execution of his order. We do not know when the President was first told of the Chines balloon incursion into American air space, nor how long it took him to decide to take it down. As these uncertain times, especially with inflation rising, gas prices out of sight, food prices skyrocketing, and interest rates rising, Dan has tips and suggestions to help us.

Mr. Perkins appears on over 1,100 radio stations. He is also the author of thrillers and children’s books.  Mr. Perkins appears regularly on international TV talk shows and is a current events commentator for numerous blogs. Dan is a philanthropist with his foundation for American veterans, Songs, and Stories for Soldiers. For more information or to listen to more from Dan, visit

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