TV Show


What could be better than Kathryn’s Let’s Just Talk Radio program? Her brand new Let’s Just Talk TV program! That’s right, Kathryn’s well-loved radio is now being partnered with a TV program as well. You can listen to her in the car and watch her in your living room!

Let’s Just Talk radio has long been a favorite of Kathryn’s fans. With guests from all over the globe, she features a magazine-style program, lots of back and forth banter with ideas, insights and interesting chatter.

Now, Let’s Just Talk TV will provide the same interesting guests. Kathryn hosts everyone from the local politician to a famous chef in Israel. By expanding into TV, Kathryn will offer a face-to-face look at what is happening, who’s doing it, and the results! Never at a loss for words, she crafts interviews that bring out the best-kept secrets of the man on the street or the writer who lives in seclusion. Let’s Just Talk has always offered entertainment for all ages, and now with her TV program, this family-friendly production will keep the whole family engaged.

In past programs, she has hosted inventors, writers, entertainers, chefs, musicians, doctors. She has traveled the Globe to reach experts in business, cook in famous kitchens and learn the newest techniques in industry and technology.  Her fall line-up includes music, cooking, charities and more.  From businesses to backyards, Kathryn will take you on a whirlwind trip of information on each program.

Tune into the NEW Let’s Just Talk TV and remember to keep listening to her on Let’s Just Talk radio as well.