W4CY 1-18-2024 and W4VET 1-21-2024

Steve Tcherchian of XYPRO Discusses Cybersecurity in 2024

Steve Tcherchian of XYPRO, Chief Product Officer & CISO, a Technology TransformerOur first guest is Steve Tcherchian of XYPRO, Chief Product Officer & CISO, a Technology Transformer, and Public Speaker. Steve has over 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry; he is a seasoned executive who leads the global sales, product, and Market Strategy at XYPRO, a leading provider of security solutions for mission-critical systems. As the Chief Product Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, he oversees the engineering, support, product management, sales, and professional services of XYPRO’s cybersecurity product line, ensuring they deliver cutting-edge and reliable solutions to our customers across various sectors and regions. Today, on “Let’s Just Talk,” Steve discusses how to protect individuals and companies from emerging threats from Hackers and Cyber Criminals.

Steve always seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and network and share his insights and best practices with the security community. He has been a board member of the CISO Advisory Council at the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), where he helped set the content and theme for the quarterly CISO Executive Forum, and is a public speaker at various security events and conferences. Remember it is important to protect yourself from potential security threats before you have a breach of your privacy. For more information on how to protect your information visit, xypro.com.

“Dr. Mike,” Medical Expert & Influencer Discusses the Importance of Learning CPR

Dr. MikeOur second guest is Dr. Mike, American Heart Association Volunteer Medical Expert and Health Influencer. Dr. Mike shares with us how to be prepared for a heart-related emergency and discusses why everyone from 9-99 can learn CPR and how it could save a life in an emergency. You never know when something can happen. Doctor Mike is a board-certified family medical physician and social media influencer with nearly 25 million followers across all platforms. He creates content battling medical misinformation and providing healthcare information to people around the world, having amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube.

Doctor Mike grew up to pursue his medical degree at the New York Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Life Sciences and Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine with honors by the age of 24. During is residency, Doctor Mike to document his journey and share his medical platform one of the largest in health education. Leveraging his media presence and impact in the medical community, he covers the importance of health literacy while simultaneously battling misinformation in a practical, yet entertaining approach. For more information on Dr. Mike, visit his website www.doctormikemedia.com, or if you are interested in learning CPS, visit the American Heart Association website, cpr.heart.org

Meaghan B Murphy Lifestyle Expert discusses Snow Vacation Deals

Meaghan Murphy, Life Style Expert and author of Your Fully Charged LifeOur last guest is Meaghan B Murphy Lifestyle Expert. Today on “Lets Just Talk,” Meaghan will share her top tips for visiting Western Massachusetts. She gives us suggestions on how to find the best snow vacation deals on every budget, and the fun area attractions for all ages. She will also talk about how to get your family started at skiing and snowboarding. Lifestyle expert Meaghan B Murphy is an author, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert, a home-hack master and certified trainer. In her best-selling book, “Your Fully Charged Life,” now available in three languages, she shares the secret to finding the “yay” in every day.

Meaghan is also a longtime magazine editor at places like Good Housekeeping, Cosmo, and SELF. Along with guiding Woman’s Day creative vision, which reaches 18 million total audience each month, Meaghan promotes WD in the media as a regular guest expert on Live with Kelly & RyanToday and many more. In addition, Meaghan shot a year-long series for NBC News titled “A Better Way,” in which she shared MacGyver-style home hacks and shortcuts. She joined the fourth season of “Small Business Revolution” (Hulu) as an expert in building community spirit — something she effectively did as Chief Spirit Officer of her own suburban town of Westfield, New Jersey.  For more information on Meaghan visit her website, meaghanbmurphy.com.

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