W4CY 10/1/2020 & W4VET 10/4/2020

Our guest today is Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., author and former medical reporter for KABC-LA radio, has practiced medicine for 44 years. He has delivered a cutting-edge, controversial new book that sparks a dialogue on the very nature of what it means to be human and shows us where humanity is heading. Today he discusses his new book Are We Here To Re-Create Ourselves:The Convergence of  Designs by Geoffrey Simmons, M.D. which is provocative, philosophical, scientific, religious, and just plain-old interesting. This Breakthrough Book Asks Us to Explore: Where do humans really come from? How shall we define what it means to be human? Are Humans becoming more like Machines?

Dr. Simmons, who has published numerous books, including one that sold 350,000 copies and was optioned to Hollywood, once appeared on the nationally televised Steve Allen Show. He is a retired Internist with past Boards in Internal Medicine and Disaster Medicine. He also worked as a hospitalist for 15 years. He has been the President of the local Medical Society (LCMS). A Chair of Internal Medicine. He was voted in the top 100 doctors in my community for years. For more information or to purchase his book go to Amazon and visit his website at:www.fantasticfiction.com/s/geoffrey-simmons/

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