W4CY 10/14/2021 & W4VET 10/17/2021

Our first guest is Jocelyn Bridson, Director of Environment & Community Impact, Tillamook County Creamery Association. Tillamook County Creamery Association – the Oregon-based dairy co-op known for its epic cheese, ice cream, and yogurt – is a champion for the future of farming. This year, Tillamook is teaming up with Food52 to debut a first-of-its-kind on-line market with a portion of sales going to support the future of farming. This year National Farmers’ Day, was on Oct 12th Joycelyn discusses the online market and National Farmers Day.


Our next guest is Author Lori Rochat, she will be discussing her newest book, Schizophrenia Your Guide to Surviving And Thriving. This is a self-help part memoir book about experiences in her life that relate to her illness.  Lori is certified in mental health first aid, volunteered for NAMI (national alliance for the mentally ill) on a psych hospital ward for two and a half years helping patients, did some speaking engagements.  Her book was rated #11 on bookauthority.org  as one of the best books on schizophrenia books of 2021 Her book is also mentioned on Midwest book review in September 2021 in Gary Roan’s bookshelf.  She also was a guest on Steve Schneider’s podcast discoveredwordsmith.com

Cindy Papale HammontreeOur last guest is Cindy Papale Hammontree she is a Patient Advocate and Care Professional, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Lecturer, and Public Speaker. Her new book is Experts in Pink Your Guide to Breast Health. Cindy has over 20 years experience of extensive knowledge in the health care industry as a patient care coordinator and a passionate community advocate who has a growth mindset is coachable, empathetic, and care-focused. For more information go to her Cindy Papale-Hammontree she is a Patient Advocate and Care Professional, Breast Cancer Survivor.

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