W4CY 10-27-2022 & W4VET 10-30-2022

Our first guest is Michael Kelley, author of The Lost Theory and The Devil’s Calling. Michael fell in love with literature and creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania. During a lengthy career on Wall Street, he put this passion aside when he worked as a lawyer, built an international business, and founded his investment management firm. After leaving the financial world, he studied quantum physics, Eastern mysticism, and philosophy. From these studies, he developed a “Theory of Everything,” which became the basis of his novels. After years of life in New York City, Michael now lives in the peaceful woods of Dutchess County with his wife and daughter. There, he enjoys meditation, yoga, wine, reading, and hiking, all of which inspire his writing.

Today he will discuss his newest book, The Devil is Calling. Imagine a world where technology allows for a direct interface between the human brain and quantum computers, exponentially increasing the creative abilities of humanity and holding the potential to make war, hunger, poverty, pandemics, and other human suffering obsolete. When the human capability is so magnified, how does the human ego resist the temptation toward power and control? Can there be a balance between spirit and ego, between AI and human consciousness? And what happens if this ultimate technological power gets into the wrong hands – those who further seek to link minds directly through this quantum computer into an augmented hive mind? Michael Kelley’s stunning new novel, The Devil’s Calling, examines these issues and explores the intersections of science and spirituality in the form of an entertaining literary adventure. Watch the book trailer to learn more. The book is available on Amazon.


Our second guest today is Colonel Martin Naranjo, Director of the Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate. He will help us learn more about reducing our carbon footprint. Colonel Naranjo will also discuss the energy conservation innovations employed by the U.S. Army Reserve and how the public can do their part to reduce energy waste. Energy Action Month is an opportunity for the Army Reserve Energy Program to help all of us understand the important role everyone can play in energy conservation and resiliency and offer practical, smart energy tips that everyone can implement in their daily lives.

Colonel Martin J. Naranjo was born in Los Alamos, NM, and grew up in Santa Fe, NM. He received his commission from the Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1996. Since then, COL Naranjo has held multiple positions in the Engineer field on active duty and in support of the United States Army Reserve.

Currently, COL Naranjo is the Director of the Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate. Prior, he served as the Regional Engineer and Director of Public Works for the 63rd Readiness Division at Mountain View, CA. For more information, visit www.usar.army.mil.


Dr. Rahul MehanDo you know a Common Condition that Affects More than Half of Men Above the Age of 60 today, we will learn about the Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate and a Non-Surgical Treatment to Provide Relief. Our guest is Dr. Rahul Mehan, East Valley Urology Center of Arizona. Dr. Mehan will discuss the importance of patients having an open dialogue with their doctor about their symptoms and potential treatment options. For most men, oral medications are the initial course of treatment. However, many people experiencing symptoms of an enlarged prostate may be looking for other options. It’s been found that more than 60% of men discontinue their BPH medications within the first year, partly due to side effects such as dizziness and sexual dysfunction.

Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy is a non-surgical treatment for men 50 years or older that can be performed in a doctor’s office. Rezūm Therapy uses the energy stored in water vapor to reduce the size of the prostate, providing lasting BPH symptom relief while preserving sexual and urinary function Patients who receive Rezūm Therapy can typically resume normal activities within a few days after treatment, and most patients see symptom improvement within two weeks.  For more information, please visit www.rezum.com

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