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Karen Sokolof JavitchOur first guest today is Karen Sokolof Javitch, Composer, Lyricist, she will be discussing her newest creations for Thanksgiving and children’s songs.  And also Karen Sokolof Javitch, Composer, Lyricist, she will be discussing her latest song she created titled “Beat the Covid -19 Blues”.  The song is ’s so appropriate for getting through this difficult period of time during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Karen is a former teacher of visually impaired children and stayed at home with them until they started school. At that point, her background in piano, singing, and dancing led her to an exciting career in songwriting. To order her CD’s go to https://cdbaby.com/ or iTunes or by calling 402-393-3893. at her webshttp:// at Karenssongs.com

Our next guest today is Sheryl Martin-Schild, M.D., Ph.D., LERN Stroke Medical Director and Medical Director of Neurology & Stroke for the New Orleans East Hospital and Touro Infirmary she will be discussing the newest survey about :Would You Call 911 If You Witnessed a Stroke? This National survey says: only 40% of U.S. adults who have witnessed a stroke called 911 as their first reaction.  As the COVID-19 pandemic developed early this year, a concerning pattern emerged. Data from 5 major healthcare systems show that as COVID-19 caseloads spiked, emergency department visits decreased by more than 40%. Now, as we continue to experience a resurgence of the virus in parts of the country, we’re starting to see this trend resume.

But even during a pandemic, medical emergencies, such as stroke and heart attack, can be life-threatening and demand immediate attention. While the idea of witnessing a stroke can be scary, healthcare providers, including Dr. Sheryl Martin-Schild, are urging people to call 911 and seek immediate medical attention for emergencies, like stroke, and want you to know that they are working tirelessly to provide the best care possible for all of their patients. For more information about the signs, symptoms and risk factors for stroke, visit www.strokeawareness.com

Our last guest is Jeremy Walters, Sustainability Ambassador at Republic Services, he will discuss the results of the survey and how the Pandemic has made people more aware of their impact on the environment.  Furthermore, he’ll discuss how this information could increase recycling efforts and help protect us and the natural environment. Did you know that six out of ten Americans worried about the future of the environment that this new Survey reveals respondents are reevaluating their Eco-Friendly habits as a result of the pandemic.  For more information please visit: www.republicservices.com

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