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Rosemary Pope, AuthorRosemary Pope, Author, Wife to her husband Bobby, and mother to seven children to date. Four Heavenly babies and three on Earth she will be discussing her book, Joy In Suffering. It’s about her struggling journey to motherhood. It is her hope that it helps others walking through similar circumstances to know they are not alone. She has experienced early miscarriages, late pregnancy losses, struggled with infertility, and have brought healthy, lively babies into the world. She continues to share her story on her blog it’s for women of all ages. It is her hope that her space here on the internet is one you feel peace, inspired, and ready to live a life of joy! For more information go to her website at https://rosemarypope.com/

Our second guest is National Commander Bill Oxford, of The American Legion, he will discuss: The Nation’s Largest Veterans Organization Looks Ahead to Community Coronavirus Recovery Efforts, New Congress & Family Assistance. “It was hard for a close-knit family such as The American Legion to socially distance but veterans know how to adapt and overcome,” Oxford said. “Early on we had posts provide personal protective equipment to frontline workers when it was still in short supply. Other posts organized food and relief drives in their parking lots. We have held virtual job fairs for veterans and spouses, along with blood donation drives.

The American Legion is the nation’s largest veterans’ service organization with nearly two million members and more than 12,000 posts worldwide. Legionnaires are involved in community-based support of veterans, service members, and their families. The American Legion is strongly committed to helping veterans and military families with its outreach programs and lobbying efforts, as a new generation of returning veterans reintegrate into the community.   For more information go to www.legion.org

Our last guest is Noopur Davis, EVP, and Chief Product and Security Officer for Comcast will educate listeners on how prioritizing cybersecurity can protect precious assets and provide much-needed peace of mind in these tumultuous times.  As Americans Place Increasing Demands on Home Networks, Cyber-Attacks Are on the Rise. How Big is the Threat? Ms. Davis will also share never before seen data & insights about the fight to protect your home networks. We are doing more from home than ever before. Working, shopping, virtual doctor visits, we do everything from home and online. Meanwhile, a new cyber study shows we’re also under attack more than most of us imagine.  Six Billion! That’s the number of online security threats blocked so far this year by one company alone. For more information go to https://www.xfinity.com/

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