W4CY 2-1-2024 and W4VET 2-4-2024

Rev. Jim Harden Discusses the New Compass Care Center in Brooklyn, NY

CompassCare CEO Jim HardenOur first guest today is CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden.  He will discuss the newest CompassCare Center in Brooklyn, New York.  He also updates us on the Pro-Life March recently held in Washington, DC, and what has been happening with the Pro-Life Movement in the last few months.  Rev. Harden discusses why it’s so important to know all the facts about abortion and what other choices you may look into before having an abortion and looking at counseling with a CompassCare Center or Pregnancy Center before having an abortion. Also, we discuss an update on the use of Chemical abortion and what kind of danger it poses.

Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div. is the CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services and lives outside of Rochester, NY, with his wife and ten children. Rev. Harden pioneered the first measurable and repeatable medical model in the pregnancy center movement, helping hundreds of centers nationwide become more effective at reaching more women and saving more babies from abortion. He has written extensively on medical ethics, executive leadership, and pro-life strategy. For more information, visit their website, www.compasscare.info.

Michael Letts Discusses the 2024 Campaigns & the Immigration Issue

Michael LettsOur second guest is Michael Letts, CEO and Founder of InvestUSA. Michael serves as our expert on the Political Scene and Current Events. Today, we are discussing the latest on the 2024 Campaign and the Primaries.  Michael also discusses what is happening with Immigration. He addresses the question, “How can our states continue to fund this massive illegal immigration?” and “What can citizens do?” Should we contact our Congressmen and women? Michael answered my questions and gave us ideas and information on all these subjects.

Did you know that In-Vest USA saves countless officers and first responders from danger by providing free bulletproof vests and equipment to communities across America? Michael Letts is a dedicated individual who has spent 30 years in law enforcement. He has significantly impacted communities through InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization, ensuring their police forces are well-equipped and protected. To learn more about Michael Letts and his remarkable work, please visit his official website at www.investusa.org.

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