W4CY 2-15-2024 and W4VET 2-18-2024

Dan Perkins Discusses the 25th Amendment

Dan PerkinsDan Perkins is our guest today. He is a best-selling author, political commentator, radio and TV personality, and founder of Dan Perkins Media Network. His topic today is The 25th Amendment. This has been in the news for the last week, and everyone is discussing whether President Biden can run the country for an additional four more years. Dan discusses what would happen if the Democrats and others in Congress want President Biden to step down, and he refuses. Would they use the 25th Amendment?

Dan discusses the 25th Amendment in depth and how it works. He explains how it could happen. The vice president and majority of the Cabinet could declare the president unable to “discharge the powers and duties of his office.” If the president disputes that determination, two-thirds of the House and the Senate must vote to put the vice president in charge. What is important to understand is that the vice president is the person in charge. If Harris disagrees with the majority of the cabinet, the above occurs. The question is how loyal Kamala is to Biden. Would the House and Senate Democratic leadership meet with Harris to determine her support for the president? After that, would they will meet with Biden and ask him to resign? If both Harris and Biden stand firm, Dan doesn’t think the Republicans will be able to get the two-thirds in both houses to remove Biden.

Dan Perkins sheds light by partnering with such reputable publications as NewsMax.com, Lifezeet.com, DailyCaller.com, TheHill.com, Reganbaby.com, the dailysurge.com, and many others on what truth in journalism is, not what has been whitewashed. Dan puts forth his business experience and challenges his readers to open their minds to new insights and ways of taking a closer look at our world. For more information visit, DanPerkinsMedia.org.


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