W4CY 2-16-2023 & W4VET -2-19-2023

Major General Daniel York, USAR (Ret)Our next guests today are Major General Daniel York (Ret) (USAR) and Ron White. Daniel is the founder and director of First Cause, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization, and Strength as One Leadership LLC. Ron is the Executive Director of VetREST.

In 2013, Dan founded VetREST, a nonprofit that provides healing for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and places vets on tiny farms to teach them farming skills and provide a safe-healing environment.  He also founded and leads Strength As One Leadership LLC, which specializes in coaching leaders. Dan enjoys helping organizations solve problems, utilize Cliftonstrengths, employ servant leadership, and build strong character.  Strong in ethics and building high esprit and morale, he addresses many international and national audiences on leadership and character development and is a sought-after motivational speaker. He is the author of fourteen books: I Keep Asking, I Pray Also, Lost on Mount Fuji, Something to Think About . . . in Revelation, Climbing Higher . . . in Revelation, The Strong Leader’s Hand, The Weak Leader’s Fist, Escape to Ohadi and the Strong Leader’s Hand Workbook series (6). He has seven CDs of original music:  Seasons Ending, Salt, Choices, Of Seen and Unseen, Evidence, Where Were You, and See His Star

Ron White, Executive Director of VetREST, has worldwide experience working with programs and people across the globe in the private and public sectors, including over 20 years of military service.  He began his military career as an enlisted Army Infantryman while gaining a critical understanding of the challenges of operating in an operational environment.  An early leader, Ron later served as the Regimental Commander of over 200 cadets during his Navy officer training at Officer Candidate School, Newport, RI.  While serving on active duty in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, he designed, planned, managed, and completed scores of global projects with the Navy Seabees, including Spain, Tunisia, and Thailand.  While in Thailand and as the Seabee Officer in Charge, Ron successfully and concurrently completed five projects across Mainland Thailand.  Living in the remote villages of Thailand for three months, in the isolated desert of Tunisia for two months, and in Spain for five months, Ron gained an acute, real-time understanding of peoples, operations, and cultures.  In 2005, Ron retired as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navel Reserves and began a private practice coaching and consulting small businesses in Portland, Oregon. With a background rooted in operations and optimizing potential, Ron brings deep commitment and understanding to veterans and the mission of VetREST.  Under his guidance, VetREST Oregon serves as a model for future chapters seeking definitive, positive impacts to help veterans survive and thrive after serving the community and all of us. For more information, go to www.vetrest.org.

Are you living your best life? Do you feel like you are just holding it together? Are you feeling unfulfilled and uninspired but don’t know how to turn things around? Our second guest today is author Hannah Austin. She will share a road map to bring your head and heart into alignment to help you discover the extraordinary life within you. In her new book, “Hello, Head, Meet Heart,” Hannah has carved out a path to help others rise from the ashes of burnout and learn HOW to create a life that restores their most precious resources: their energy, time, and passion for the things that truly light them up.

Hannah spent 20 years as an executive in the healthcare industry. She faced immense pressure and witnessed her colleagues suffering the effect of burnout en-masse during COVID. She became determined to make a change that would impact not only her path in life but the paths of women globally. Hannah founded SheShatters in 2021 to help women to find a balance between their personal and professional lives and, on a macro level, lead a movement away from corporate hustle culture. For more information, visit, Amazon.com: Hello, Head, Meet Heart: How to Tap into Your Extraordinary Life eBook by Hannah Austin.

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