W4CY 3/11/2021 and W4VET 3/14/2021

Our first guest is Donna Hartley International, inspirational speaker for over three decades. Donna Hartley is a former Miss Hawaii and television actress, who worked with Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke. Donna Hartley has had nine lives wouldn’t be an exaggeration.  Donna Hartley is an International  speaker. Her life story and her books will be discussed on the show today, she will focus on tips for other heart patients. Donna just had less-invasive heart surgery to replace her aortic valve – for a second time. And of course, these days she is surviving the global pandemic. Donna has shared her compelling story on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. A sought-after expert on surviving challenges and developing inner leadership and communication. Her story is captivating. Donna is a member of the National Speakers Association. For more information go to: https://donnahartley.com/


Our second guest is Ashley Byrne, Associate Director of PETA will discuss the latest book,“Animalkind” by Ingrid Newkirk has published, along with bestselling author Gene Stone. ANIMALKIND, Lives; as well as their extraordinary talents, deep emotions, and amazing intelligence, and the many exciting and easy ways people can act to prevent harm to animals. This latest book highlights some of the wonders of animal life and offers tools for living kindly toward the fellow beings on our shared planet.she will discuss the remarkable advancements in our society’s awareness about animals over the years share fun animal facts, and give insight into fidelity (a gander will shuffle rather than strut, stop grooming himself, and lose interest in food if his mate dies); familial love (orangutan mothers will nurse their young up to their ninth birthday, and grown orangutans will continue to visit their mothers well into adulthood); grief (dogs are known to refuse to move from their guardians’ graves), and friendship (rhesus monkeys in laboratories would starve themselves rather than subject their friends to electro-shocks). For more information go to :PETA.org


Our third guest is Dr. Sadiya Kahn from the Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute in Chicago. Dr. Kahn  discusses the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States – heart disease: what steps to take to halt its progress and what the hospital is doing to fight the pandemic. For more information go to the https://www2.heart.org/

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