W4CY 3-16-2023 and W4VET 3-19-2023

Michael Davis-Speaker, Coach, Author, and founder of Speaking CPRMichael Davis is our second guest today, and he will discuss his mission as a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Trainer,  Author, and Lecturer. He discusses his books ‘"THE-Book on Storytelling" by Michael DavisThe Book on Storytelling’ and the Kindle series ‘Sell More With Stories.’ He is a contributing author to three public speaking books and the book ‘Living a Wealthy Life.’ Michael has been featured on podcasts like ‘The Business of Story,’ ‘Speaker Match Radio,’ and ‘Speaking of Wealth.’ He has spoken for many organizations, including General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, and the Cincinnati Human Resource Association. Michael has also been a coach with Cincinnati TEDx since 2015 and is an online Stage Time University faculty member.  He has helped individuals and leaders, managers, and sales professionals communicate with more confidence, impact, and influence. This passion is born from his own difficulties early in his career. Michael can help you or your organization experience the same results his clients have enjoyed.  For more information, visit his website, speakingcpr.com.

Today’s second guest is PETA spokesperson Marissa Price, the Manager of Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS) for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Today’s topic is What to do about The High Cost of Eggs and How to fix it. You will  Learn What You Can Use to Replace These Cholesterol “Bombs” and Go Easy On Your Wallet, Improve Your Health, and Save Animals. You will  Learn What You Can Use to Replace These Cholesterol “Bombs” and Go Easy On Your Wallet, Improve Your Health, and Save Animals.  Did you know that the avian flu outbreaks destroyed nearly 58 million birds in the U.S. alone last year?  And these “bird culls” are driving up the price of eggs, leaving shoppers searching for inexpensive solutions. But how many people know they can still have the taste they enjoy but skip the eggs altogether in favor of healthy vegan foods that won’t cost extra or animals their lives? Marissa will discuss these “vegan upgrades” and how to use them; outline egg industry practices that vegan foods avoid (such as sending hens to slaughter after only two years or confining birds to spaces no bigger than an iPad), the health concerns with raising chickens at home (Keeping “Backyard” chickens can cause a variety of illnesses in people, ranging from minor skin infections to serious illnesses that could cause death); and the health benefits of going vegan, from reversing heart disease to lowering cancer risk.

Versatile silken tofu transforms into a breakfast scramble, mashed banana binds in baking, and aquafaba—the liquid in canned garbanzo beans—whips into an elegant meringue. All these options are 100% cholesterol-free and avoid all the cruelty of today’s farms, and as a bonus, they won’t risk causing an outbreak of bird flu in anyone’s backyard. For more information on ideas for egg-free dishes, visit www.peta.org.

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